24Bulls Review

24bulls review


Transparency is always a factor that you should consider when looking for a broker. The more transparent a broker is, the more reliable it is. If you are in doubt that your broker is not honest with you then by all means look for another broker. The good news though is there are many trusted websites out there such as 24Bulls. It has nothing to hide. You can see its address and name on the home page.


24Bulls is not so good for seasoned or experienced traders. It uses a platform by Tradesmarter which is great for beginners or inexperienced traders because it is just basic and easy to use. As for experienced traders, they will not find this interesting because it does have any advanced features, and they cannot use different option types besides Call and Put. Unfortunately, 24Bulls does not allow you to put No Touch or touch and other kinds of trades. They also do not have tools such as Early Closure or the probability of a Roll Over or expiry time extension. This is not actually a major downside because 24 Bulls still has a lot of time to prove their worth since they are still new in the market.


When you first go through 24Bulls you will immediately know that it is a serious broker who tries to put something fresh to your Binary Options trading adventure. They do not have the same slogan, and they do not exaggerate their advertisement. The general aura of the website is a pleasant one with well structured features and easy to locate tutorials. As mentioned above 24Bulls makes use of the site TradeSmarter. The platform does not have big drawbacks but some traders consider it too simple and does not have advanced traders. A few improvements in this part will most likely make it a top broker and professional traders will surely welcome it. Moreover, it has a satisfactory functionality and smooth trading experience.

24Bulls is surely living up to its expectations. It strives to continuously provide its traders with a positive trading atmosphere. However, it still has some noticeable flaw. It says that it has Option Builder, but this is nowhere to be seen in the site. The only accessible features are the Call or Put options. Its live chat feature does not work also and if you click it sends you a note to simply send them an email. This means that you cannot get help about the Option Builder tool. Nonetheless, to make things seem better, you will get a newsletter about market predictions and outlooks for the day. Its analyses are quite comprehensive and really useful.

Yes, 24Bulls may not be perfect but we have to give the benefit of the doubt. It is worth trying, and it still has a lot of room for improvement. When they’ll do this their ranking will surely rise.


When you look at broker reviews, you will notice that there are not so many negative comments about 24Bulls. This is probably because of the fact that they care for their clients and offer a professional environment. They have transparency with their address on their site and it its regulation is already being processed. Thereby, it is up to you to choose it or not.


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