Banc de Binary review

bancdebinary review


Banc De Binary has two websites – its primary site and Both websites provide more details on Binary options compared to typical brokers which only provide basic information. It is strange why they have two sites but it might probably is for more visibility from clients. Having two sites is actually a great idea. More visibility means more guidance for people and more profit for Banc De Binary.


There are numerous things that make Banc De Binary a good choice. Moneywise, it offers a limitless Demo account that comes around fifty thousand virtual money. This doesn’t sound that bad. This makes me wonder why Banc De Binary is even in the “suck” list. When you sign up for Banc De Binary you need to have a two hundred fifty dollar minimum amount in order to simply have access to its demo account. There is nothing negative about that because if you do not wish to continue then the money is still yours. However, just like most online services out there is always that little catch. When you look at the terms and conditions it says that when you withdraw your money without trading using its platform you will be charged with a seven percent handling fee which is identified by the company’s discretion . This means that the demo is not so free after all.


When you enter Banc De Binary’s website you will immediately notice that there is a lot of things happening on it. It’s like a clutter of information were forced together in one simple but useful website. What most of you might hate are pop ups and on its website there is an annoying live support pop up for live support. It is so annoying that it occupies a huge part of the screen and when you are navigating somewhere it still stays right somewhere in the page’s middle part. The truth is, it’s easy for anyone to find a simple live chat button anywhere on the screen because if you truly need it then you will find it.

It has a Spot Option powered platform making it easier to use. The site is ideal for newbies and amateur traders too because despite its clutter it has some great features to put a smile on every trader. You do not have download some useless software and you can download everything, a thing that is unique to trading platforms made by Spot Option. Such platform offers functional 60 seconds trading, Option Builder, and One Touch. All of these offer great returns from seventy and ninety percent for its In The Money Options. Nonetheless, you can rarely see ninety one percent returns on the platform. But this is however great purposes of marketing. Moreover, Banc De Binary provides refund that can be fifteen percent high.

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Additionally, Banc de Binary provides differentiated accounts. This means that if you deposit more you will reap more benefits. It has Micro Silver which is a low end account and needs a two hundred fifty dollar initial deposit. However, it can go as high as fifty thousand dollars for its VIP club called Lions Club. There are awesome benefits tied with this club however there are other brokers out there that offers standard accounts for cheaper rates.

When your deposit will exceed from one hundred thousand dollars which is quite huge, you will surely have that royal treatment. You can have a butler who can make calls for you and even book appointments for you and do lots of other trading related services. You can also access guest lists and even tickets to sold out events. Its sound real good but to be honest it takes a lot of thinking to invest a hundred dollars to binary options. Most traders would understand this. But, if you are a risky roller and awfully rich, then Banc De Binary is great for you.


There has been a lot of doubts revolving around scammer out there. But Banc De Binary is exerting good and efficient effort proving that it is legit. However, there has been news that which is a reliable news website stated hat Banc De Binary has some issues with US authorities. Nonetheless, the company has denied theses allegations and they are currently progressing regulations for Europe.


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