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Magnum Options is newly established (launched in 2013) online trading broker that offers several useful and effective features. This company is owned by Redtulips Consultants Ltd and headquartered in London, UK.

Why is Magnum Options Bad?

Magnum Options has similar contact as with another online broker, but claim to be owned by a totally different company. For some traders, the fact about the same contact number is a bit fishy, making Magnum Options look a little bad.

Why is Magnum Options Good

Magnum Options may be a new broker in the Binary Options Trading industry, but it has effectively made itself rank among the most patronized because of its novel and unique take on trading binaries. One of the best things about this broker is that it offers 100 percent sign-up bonus.

A Full Review on Magnum Options

To start trading with Magnum Options, you must first create an account. The sign up form is located on the homepage of the website and all you need to do is to fill in the spaces with the required information (first name, last name, email, country and phone number).

This online trading broker, offers a wide range of exclusive benefits that other brokers do not provide. For instance, you can open your account for free and you get 10 percent return on your failed trades. The free account is not something that you can make from other brokers and if you look in closely, there are no strings attached to the benefit.

Additionally, Magnum Options is a very transparent company and this is something that traders should take advantage of. There are no additional fees requires and traders have clear knowledge of where their deposits are going and the amount of money each call can possibly earn.

Providing a variety of tradable assets is another good point that goes to this broker. Traders can trade currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. This is indeed one online trading platform that aims to provide traders with as many possibilities to earn a profit as possible. The broker’s asset base is developed to appeal to different areas of expertise so that traders are presented with an opportunity to maximize their strengths. Aside from the wide range of asset traders can trade with, Magnum Options also offer different ways to invest; options include 60-second, One Touch and Call/Put tradings.

As mentioned above, Magnum Options offers several useful features and that include the Magnum Options Academy. This is the company’s very own first-class educational resource tool that offers the most comprehensive and effective collection of trading educational materials. The Educational Academy provides learning tools for all levels of traders; from novice to advanced investors.

For beginner traders, Magnum Options offers a wide array of great introductory courses that will assist them in finding firm ground on the basis of the market. New traders are also provided with information and resources that they can use in starting to earn profits; these include market analysis and financial management resources.

For the more advanced traders, Magnum Options offers in-depth courses to help them have a better understanding of how to analyze the market and in developing their own trading strategies.

Magnum Options also provides access to their exclusive eBook, which is full of information collected by financial experts through their years of experience in trading binaries.

The customer service feature being offered by Magnum Options is another special feature that traders should take advantage. The customer support team is on standby round-the-clock to attend to inquiries and other concerns. There is no need for traders to wait for responses and this means no time wasted when they should be making money.

Is Magnum Options a Scam?

In concluding this comprehensive review on Magnum Options, it can be said that it is not a scam. It may be a new entry in the industry, but it certainly made quite a stir among investors. The main objective of the company is to ensure that their traders experience simple and easy trading activities. The features are very useful and the assistance provided is something that can be truly relied upon. All in all, Magnum Options is one online trading broker that provides trading success possibilities for traders who aim to learn and earn at the same time.


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