Opteck Review

opteck review

If you are still new in the world of trading or you simply want to explore it first then you must properly choose a site that can help you understand basic details about the industry. By choosing Opteck.com novice traders like you, can have an easy time understanding what you need to know for kick starting the trading world. Opteck has great features that you can depend on. It has a free well structured and complex e-book for registered users. It also has an up-to-date market commentary which can be very helpful. Opteck as broker sees to it that it serves its purpose to its clients. With its educational materials, you will be glad that you bumped into it.


Yes, Opteck offers several videos lessons for traders but a sad aspect is that only the first 5 video lessons can be accessed by unregistered users. But this is understandable because the site wouldn’t make any money if everything is given out for free right? So if you want a full access of the site then you have to open an account. Another catch is that even if you have opened an account you need to be active in the site to watch all of the videos. This means that you have to deposit cash. Yes, it sucks! But understandable. It is hard to find quality education so why should the sight share everything to others without something in return?


Other brokers might not agree with this article because it is geared too much on Opteck’s positive aspects. But what more can be said but good things about it because it can leave you a good first impression. Right at the very beginning you will immediately notice that the site is very transparent and you can easily acquire company details. The moment you access the site and look for proof of credibility you will notice that the company that owns it has pasted its physical address on its home page. After all, you give the site your personal details when registering. So why should they not give their fair share of information?

Opteck uses Market Pulse as its platform. Market Plus has a good reputation for being user friendly and instinctive. You can directly trade from its chart when you click the up and the down arrows that you can see when you maneuver the mouse over it. The moment you click the arrow, you will see a box that pops out allowing you to choose the amount you want to invest. It is so easy because even a novice broker will not mess it up and blame the platform or the website.

A strategic plus option that Opteck has is the selling of the option feature. When you open a Put or Call trade, and if you think that the price is not in your favor, you can opt to close the trade or sell such option. When you do so, you can have a part of your initial investment back.

What gives Opteck a professional environment for trading is its keen attention to detail and their mindset towards doing things the right way. However, there is another thing that most brokers cannot do away with. It’s that crazy customer support speech telling you that you can have a hundred percent bonus when you give a deposit today. Plus, they even give you more offer and then one offer after another. And then you will notice that all offers will be valid only for that day.


There are no huge reasons why you should think Opteck is a scam. Yes, regulation is a vital issue to deal with here which is why you will not be that sure if it’s a scam or not. The great thing about Opteck is that its customer support is honest by telling you that they are not yet regulated and are still in the process. Generally, Opteck is great and easy to use, and the decision rests on your instincts.


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