Optionfair Review

optionfair review


If you want a huge package, OptionFair is the real deal. It is not just any binary options broker because once you avail of its services you immediately use an original platform for trading and of course, a broker. It is in fact, likeable. You will have a great experience when using OptionFair. Its name says it all – it is fair with all its clients. It even has a new look making it more attractive.


As compared to the average offers, OptionFair only presents smaller assets. Its expiry times are shorter than the average and asset returns are above average. However, most people would prefer lots of trade assets but a trader could quickly have more money with shorter expiries.


In 2010, OptionFair was launched under Mika Holdings Inc which is located worldwide. Since its establishment, it already had a one of a kind Binary Options platform. Binary Options brokers have varied platforms. Most of them appear cluttered. However, OptionsFair platform offers a beneficial difference than other brokers. Why? Thanks to its organized trading sections which are based on asset expiry times, it has become a probable choice for most brokers. When you use the site, you will notice that the on its asset columns you will see first assets that will almost expire. On the other hand, those that are already expired are on the last assets. Asset viewing is truly made convenient by OptionsFair. Traders can simply view succeeding assets and even rearrange them so that they can easily locate an expiry time.

Others would agree that OptionFair took time and effort to impress clients with their Binary Options time variable because the site is more on variable than variety. Another positive note about OptionFair is that it has a more than average In the Money return with up to eighty five percent returns. As for wide ranging assets, it has an eighty percent average return at most. The negative thing though about OptionFair is that its assets variety is below average.

When you trade using the OptionFair platform you will realize that its table is regularly changing because it has very short expiry times. There is only minimal attention to assets and even thought they offer asset, what actually matters are the returns and expiry times. This kind of trading aura will most likely introduce pressure on novice traders.

optionfair trading

Just like any industry out there, trading Binary Options need adequate research that is based on specific profit generating strategies. This, however, does not include selecting between Call and Put mainly because charts are upward or downward. In theory though, OptionsFair has made Binary Options trading much faster and more gainful. As mentioned before, there I pressure ere because its table varies every fifteen minutes and profits could go as high as eighty percent.

Morever, novice traders should be very cautious. Amateur traders can generate ultimately high profits in a shorter time span with OptionFair but, this can be possible when they use a certain strategy along with knowledge based on the market. With this, it would be fair to note that OptionFair has presented shorter time for risks as well as a high profit environment for amateur traders or for novices who are willing to take risks.


Recently, OptionFair has changed its website thereby bringing a fresher look for it clients. The change they brought is good because it compensates with a better service. Its general functionality is still good and options are still in tack giving clients more fluid experiences.
First impressions always last. With OptionFair’s platform and overall look, you will really have a positive first impression especially with it girly colors (Candy pink and Fuscia). The colors are too relaxing to the eye when browsing through it even for a longer time. Its revamp has definitely showed a huge gap with the older version. They may not be the top brokers in the industry but they surely know how to take care of their clients baking seeing all the little details.


OptionFair’s platform is not as unique as it seems. There are about five other brokers who use. However, OptionFair is one of the founders of binary options trading. Its platform was launched on 2010 and since then it has sold its platform to five brokers and more. What is quite sad is that some of these brokers it sold its platform to have become more enhanced marketer because they have already stabilized their reputation in the industry. But even with their higher reputes, OptionFair has kept up with changing times and it has finally coped with its competitors. With its fresh look and quality services, it has and will always stand out as a top binary options broker.


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