Redwood options review

redwood options review


It’s so easy to find something not cool about RedWood Options – it’s the Weekly Market Review which posts Daily Market Review. This is confusing! It’s hard to consider it as a review when the week is not yet over. So far this is the only bad thing obvious in RedWood Options.


The website’s design is likeable even though it looks the same with other brokers out there. What makes it stand out with other brokers is that it seems relaxing, and there is no clogging in it. What does this mean? It does not look cluttered. Moving forward, the RedWood Options offer 81 percent payouts on 60 second options. This means that it trading process is potentially profitable.


RedWood Options are considered itself as a leader in the Binary Options industry. Yes, a lot of brokers say that they are the best. And just like RedWood these other brokers is your typical broker offering the same options with nothing amazing about it. This is RedWood Options major drawback. They have nothing fresh but they are desperate about being a leader in the market. The firm has been around the industry for years but it was just in 2013 that it opened its doors for a bigger public. Its late public exposure would make you think that it has prepared something big but it has its old platform along with its old slogan which is “We focus on what really counts. You…”

Now let’s go to RedWoods positive aspects. The payouts that they are offering are quite likeable. It is also nice they have taken advantage of the beauty and simplicity of SpotOption as a platform. With its high functionality level, you can appreciate what it can bring to your bank account. Yes, many shady brokers use SpotOption but this does not apply to RedWood Options. If you want to know about the company, you can easily find everything on its site. It is an open book with its address being Strada Mason Complex, Nr 25 BI Stoney Gro The Valley, Al-2640, Anguilla. The sad part though is if you are scammed then you will have to book a few plane rides to get there. But this is unlikely to happened because RedWood Options looks serious.

Now let’s talk about their educational material. It has some great tips to new and professional brokers. It has four educational videos, but you can only access 2 if you are not registered to the site. Putting these educational tools aside, RedWood Options is nothing but a typical broker who does not bring anything striking or impressive to the Binary Options world.


The fact that RedWood Options is still new to the bigger public leaves you some speculation that it is a scam. But it is still very early to conclude that it is indeed a scam or not a scam. So far, the site looks legitimate, and most reviews say so. It’s name sounds strong and has a brighter future ahead of it. But as mentioned it is still very fresh, so you need to be keen for any updates.


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