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Everything these days is almost always about regulations. When it comes to online trading there are also firms that regulate everything about it. In the online trading world, one of the top firms that regulates the industry is Safecap Investments Ltd which is a Cyprus Investment firm. It is also regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC. Because TopOption is being operated by Safecap we know that the company is worth our respect and we can surely sleep well without doubts lurking our minds.


In the world of online trading, being old can sometimes be an asset. TopOption doesn’t have this “old factor” making it an underdog over other well respected participants. Established in 2013, TopOption still needs to prove a lot of thing. Time will be the judge if the Binary Option broker operators can live up to the standards and expectations of it mother company. It does not matter if TopOption is regulated and owned by Safecap, we still need to see proof.


The moment you lay eyes on the site, you will sure know that you are in a committed broker. When you enter the site you will notice that it looks clean and the layout is well arranged. It can be conveniently navigated by any client. This polished looked is expertly done by SpotOption with the platform personalization and repacking done by Top Option. The great thing about it is that you can have a peaceful attention going through the site because you won’t see any broken links and no traces of over used tag lines. What’s more is that the content offered are not misleading details like “There are no risks with Binary Options.” Top Option is like an open book because it is honest with what they need to inform its traders. It actually tells people that Binary Options is risky just like trading in a general sense. It’s basically an honest tool.

As previously mentioned, Safecap which is regulated by CySEC, owns TopOption. There is actually a big difference with TopOption and an unregulated broker. With the former, information are displayed publicly and you are sure that it is for real because CySEC regularly verifies it. However, the most essential and interesting thing with regulation is your money is separate from TopOption’s cash. This means that the company cannot access it and use it freely. On another note, when an unregulated brokers gets your cash, honesty can become a serious question. If you are scammed then there is not a lot that you can do about it because your money is already gone and you can’t sue anyone. This daunting scene will not happen when you work with a regulated broker because your money is in another account in cases were bankruptcy happens.

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What’s more is that TopOption goes through top of the line measures for risk protection such as Investor Compensation Fund which is an insurance protocol that insures clients up to 20,000 Euros. But, this should not be mistaken for an insurance fund as trading insurance that some brokers may offer. It is not linked with the losses that you might or you got from trading. This is now a trader’s problem. It only protects money from occurrences that are not related to trading.
Many brokers out there may provide regular market analysis but these are just plain daily analyses. These are typically antiques. With TopOptions, daily really means daily. It has a great economic calendar where events are arranged according to expected impact and importance. It has a Breaking News option where a professional environment is offered just like what Binary Trading ought to be. The only thing clients should hope is that this professionalism won’t dwindle.


It is still a young system so it is quite hard for now to tell if it’s a scam or not. But currently there are no scam suspicions linked to it basically because it is owned and regulated by a reputable company.


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