Ubinary review

ubinary review


Ubinary just had a platform and website makeover and it was a total success. It has an impressive user friendly platform and charts look great. Its Candlesticks chart shows positive improvement and it is plus to trader’s capacity to do his/her strategies. Ubinary’s team can help you kick start your trading gusto!


One thing that makes Ubinary suck is that it does not have expiry times that are longer. Its expiry time is just limited up to the day’s end. Thus, long term investors can’t benefit from its monthly or weekly options. This may not be a huge problem especially with the fact that same day expiries are widely spread like Binary Options.


Established in 2011, Ubinary is another Binary Option trading tool that traders or brokers can use. In its earlier years, its platform and website already looked good but there are some areas that need to be added. Today, its platform and website looks impressively organized. Its layout allows users to navigate through the options with ease. Its simplicity and convenience makes it stand out from a limited crowd.

Ubinary still patronizes a platform called Paragon EX. The good thing though is that the webmasters revamped it towards a more enjoyable platform thereby giving clients a great experience. Ubinary has definitely set something unique by incorporating adorable cartoons (a guy swimming in a pool filled with money) showing an effect of earning from binary trading. Generally, Ubinary delivers Binary Options trading in a fun and memorable manner.

Morever, the Ubinary page has some frequently asked questions area and also a glossary. These features are pretty useful for newbies and they can fully learn about binary options the fun way. A plus with Ubinary is that you do not need to be an experienced trader to be able move your way through the platform. You can get started easily with its platform and your work your way up.

ubinary trading

In general, Ubinary does have a lot of details on binary options trading and on the platform as well. However, the thing that I admire most about it is its Economic Calendar which is well planned. This feature can effectively inform you about the vitality of events and economic indicators. It even has a brief explanation of events. The site does not broken links and provides clients with that legit feel. The moment you enter the site, Ubinary looks like a real broker with real good intentions which is giving out the best for its clients. Another plus from Ubinary is its Candle Chart which was recently added on its platform. It is finally wonderful to have a broker that basically deals with what its clients truly need such as candlestick charts.


Something as transparent and honest as Ubinary is a quite honest deal. Terms and conditions are clearly explained too. Information is readily available and the Contact Us section is quite visible. With all the improvements and visibility, you will surely believe that Ubinary is a trusted broker. However, this does not mean that you should not be cautious. You still need to read through product reviews and do thorough assessment.


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