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Trading binary options on tablets

People think that changing the trading technology can be stressful and difficult but it’s actually extremely easy and even easier than trading on normal computers. It’s important to know that tablets only include the important features for trading and do not contain a large number of distracting elements. You will need a broker to start trading on tablets and you will need to put some personal details that might be a bit difficult to input using the touch screen interface. But you can also use your PC to register for a broker.

tablet trading binary options

What you will learn here:

  • What are differences beetwen tablet and smart phone trading?
  • Is trading on tablets doable?
  • Ios or android trading?
  • What are dvantages of tablet trading?
  • Types of tablet trading?
  • How is future for tablet trading looking?

Almost every broker offers both PC and tablet trading options. We recommend using your PC to register logging into the mobile interface using a tablet later. You will need to make a real money deposit, which can be also done from a PC platform. Switching between your tablet and PC will not be required because you won’t be depositing money every single day. But you can use your tablet to deposit money too, it’s not rocket science after all. You will need to log into your account using your tablet and select the desired assets, choose the most optimal expiry times as well as sort out the options that have the largest payout rates.


One of the first things you probably notice is the size of the screen and at the end thats the only difference beetwen trading on mobile or on tablets at the moment because you have the same features. Because everything comes to sizes of the screen you maybe are tihnking it is not a big deal but it is a really important feature because for the proper analysis you need to see big charts, it is just easier that way. As we said at the beginning, the computer is still the something that is better option to use when it comes to trading but in the future that could change and only thing important is to improve the steps to make it better for users, traders.


Mobile trading is seen as success between traders and there is now a demand to attend to the tablet market. The iPad has taken centre stage in the quest to develop a trading app, s the pioneering mobile tablet device. The most important thing is the challenge in developing iPad binary options apps that will cater to some of the unique demands of tablet devices such as screen compatibility. Developers and designers are always having a challenge of creating apps that can match the different screen resolutions of the tablets. The good thing is that tablet Apps has advantages over the smartphone versions.
It’s known that tablets have better internet speed and connection than the smartphones and there are traders who prefer to see bigger resolutions of what they are trading as well. With the portability that the tablets (especially iPad) have, we can say that tablets have almost all the advantages of desktop trading.


Brokers that allow iPad trading are using special iOS binary options apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. The Apps are specially designed and developed to fit all your needs and to match the style and usability of iPads. You can easily find a broker that supports iPad trading because there are a large number of iPad binary investing brokers already out there.
Android is very popular as well, there are large number of Android binary investing brokers have who are offering Android supported Apps.


The best way to explain tablets trading is by imagining a combination of investing in binaries from computers and from mobile phones. The biggest advantage is that traders can access their accounts and purchase contracts from virtually any location and at any moment. On the other hand, the advantage of PC trading is the fact that traders can have a much better overview of their investing activity than using mobile phones.
The tabled trading is between these two, which means that you can access your account from almost everywhere and you have the same overview and graphical detail as if you would be trading using a traditional computer.


You can trade binary options on tablets on two ways. The first way is by using a web-based interface that you can access from a normal web browser. The experience of using web based trading is almost the same as normal computers and web browsers. There are some disadvantages of using the web based trading like the lack of advanced features and the existence of some elements such as the search bar or the URL bar of your mobile web browser.
The second way of trading is by using apps that are specially developed for trading binary options. Because the technology employed allows brokers to include much better and more advanced features than in the case of web browsers, the experience that users have with trading using apps much better.


The tablets will definitely overtake the personal computers in very near future which means that mobile trading on tablets will also become much more important in the future than trading on normal PC. It’s wise to use a broker that is offering a mobile and tablet trading because these are the brokers that will dominate the market in the future.

Mobile binary options trading

The production of much more powerful smartphones has made the transition from the home-based to mobile binary options trader much easier. This means that regardless of the location, traders are available to monitor their positions wherever they are they have the ability to spot new opportunities, without the need for a wifi or fixed internet connection. That’s why binary options brokers are starting to invest in high-tech mobile platforms and web apps in order to offer a better service to their customers.

binary options mobile trading

What you will learn here:

  • What to look when choosing mobile platform?
  • Should you trade binary options from mobile?
  • What are advantages of mobile trading?
  • What are disadvantages of mobile trading?
  • Android vs iphone apps!
  • App trading!

There are many trading platforms that offer a mobile version of the binary options trading. The smartphones are in trend now and the binary trading services are trying to keep up with it. The great option that people have with mobiles is that you can trade binary options at any time from wherever you are. With the newest generation of Android and iPhone smartphones and the real time technology they offer, your possibilities are endless. The mobile trading has lots of advantages but a couple of disadvantages as well.


Now we have figured out that you are in the right spot of trading over mobile, so even if you work there are no excuses why you could not even take on a trade that shows positive return.

If you are in constant motion this is defineatly something that you need to take a closer look at and take your decision on what is the best for you. When choosing the right mobile platform for your trading its a must that you take a look at the following:

  • Is the app slow or the speed is ok because timing is important in trading. So you have to take a look when you click something or invest that the app is responding quickly enough for you.
  • Defineatly check how are the charts looking, can you zoom it in, is it functional enough, if you turn the phone sideways can also zoom the chart aswell. When you need toa ccess certain infromation, is it easy to do so.
  • Since mobile tradingis different some brokers also offeridifferent time frames, expiry times for that, so you better make sure if that fits your needs
  • One of the most important things is how stable the platform is, does it crash or freeze because if it is doing that then you are going to have bad time trading and miss the opportunity when it comes.


Because of the simple platform requirements, binary options are very easy to trade with using a mobile. There is no need of so many functions and the binary options platform is very simple. The only thing you need is a chart and details about selected options like payout, date asset and similar. Mobile trading and PC trading is not that different, you can comfortably trade with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

The newest generation of mobile phones is offering screens which make movie watching viable but also, importantly for binary options, trading and chart analysis. Many traders decide to follow technology and use this revolutionary way of trading where you no longer have to sit at a home PC or laptop to monitor your positions or wait for the perfect setup. You can easily do all the things required directly from an android or iphone application as if it was a computer.

There is an answer for those who need slightly more detailed charting than many binary options brokers currently provide and the answer is the recent innovations in highly-mobile tablets. The trading apps are only developed for iPhone or Android based mobile phones. You can’t trade with your Android smartphones if your broker only offers an iPhone app. But there is an answer for this problem as well. Some brokers offer web-apps which work directly in your browser and are independent of the operating system. Which means that you will not have a problem with your mobile phone operating system as long as is an smartphone and not just a 10 year old Nokia phone, you can trade binary options with it.


The flexibility is a huge advantage because you don’t need a static PC anymore and you don’t have to bother looking for an internet café on the go. You have the option to trade binary options wherever you have mobile reception. It can be as simple as opening a position on the taxi and close it in the restaurant.

Almost all of the binary option brokers offer mobile trading and there is no need for creating a new account. You can also open a demo account on your mobile as well. The mobile screen is much smaller than the PC but mobile applications are very user-friendly and you can still make in-depth analysis.

The mobility is another great advantage as well because your mobile is with you any time and anywhere.


If you’re stuck in an elevator or on a train, there is a possibility of GSM dead zones which means that you will be disconnected and in a critical situation, this can be very frustrating and might even cost you money.

The speed of the app might not be the same as the speed of your PC. The internet on your phone can becostly, ask your mobile phone provider for more information in order to void unpleasant surprises.


The iPhone is not the world leader in the mobile world anymore but it’s still the widest spread mobile on the market. It has the best technology and always sets standards. Every iPhone uses the same operating system, the iOS. The system is very easy to use and navigate as well and this makes iPhone unique and better than other smartphones available. Trading with your iPhone is very easy as well and that’s why it’s recommended to use a broker that offers a native iPhone app.

The android system can be used by many mobile-phone producers and it’s distinguished from the iPhone. The android system can be found on mobiles made by Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson and similar. Android is also the market leader in the mobile operating systems. The real advantage that android has over the iPhone is distribution. The android phones are very similar to the iPhones when it comes to trading binary options. The android system is more open to external software like “Adobe Flash” and that’s why easier to trade binary options with an Android smart phone.


You can purchase every standard app using the iTunes Store or the Android Market. These types of app that can be purchased on iTunes and Android market are known as native Apps and they are developed for different operating systems. But there is also another type of apps called web-Apps that work through the smart phones browser. You don’t need to install the web-apps and they can satisfy the same need as normal apps. Websites with a web-app built on are made to load automatically without taking over another step. That’s why modern brokers try to avoid developing different apps for different mobile operating systems. They often decide to optimize their trading platforms to a web app which is much simpler and less complicated.

As an example of a broker service that offer both web based app and iPhone and Android apps is Anyoption. You will definitely have a great trading experience at Anyoption, no matter if you’re using iPhone, Android or iPad.


As you can see we have covered every aspect of mobile trading. It is a very good alternative when you go on the road and you need to check on your trade, close it or open new one. But for everything else i would still suggest desktop trading over mobile just because of easier access and better visibility.

Trading 60 seconds – how to trade them?

Trading 60 seconds is actually trading binary options with 60 second or one minute expiration time. It is very simple, you have 60 seconds to trade. You will lose your money if your trading is wrong at the 61 second but if your trade is right than you have jsut made a profit. This kind of trading is one of the most popular binary trading at the moment. But still you need to be aware that nothing is as simple as it sounds.

60 seconds binary options

What you will learn here:

  • What are 60 seconds binary options?
  • What are important factors?
  • How to spot a potential 60 second trade?
  • Tips!

The biggest reason of the success that 60 seconds trading is having is because of the fast paced action with the ability to profit of returns of 70% or more, on average its 85% return of investment. The prices are all at high frequency because the expiry time is very short. You have to be very careful while trading 60 seconds because you have very little time to predict the trade. That’s way it’s recommended to use a demo account first before you decide to use real money.

Binary options broker and charting software are two of the most important tools you need to successfully trade 60 second binary options beside the right education. The best solution is to have a broker that is offering you a 60 second binary options and a software that will allow you to analyze the asset or instrument in which you want to deal. Another important thing is your speed, you need to be fast in making decisions with this kind of trading.

The software is used to find out the trend which actually means the general direction of the price in the market. The trend is definitely your best friend in a 60 second binary trading. In most of the situations, the price will continue in the same direction for some time. If the price is falling, it’s called a down trend and if the price is rising it is known as an uptrend.


It is important to consider a few factors before you decide to enter into these types of trades. The most important factor is to have a strong knowledge about the binary options trading platform. You should not put your money on a platform that you don’t understand.

When you learn how to open, close and adjust the trades, it’s important to test the platform’s efficiency. This process is important in order to make sure that your platform is capable of executing you trade at the exact time and price you are expecting.

The last thing you need to know is the trading parameters themselves that will help you to form the basis of your trades. You need to know what are you trading, stock, currency, commodity or index and you need to know the expected price direction as well. It’s recommended to have all of these parameters thought out beforehand because you will not have much time to change your positions.


The 60 seconds binary trading system is the fastest way to make profits in any trading system but it’s also the fastest way to lose your money as well. That’s why risk management is very important in 60 seconds trading. The good thing is that you can trade in increments and this allows you to limit your risk in fast moving markets. There is a rule saying that you should not put more than 2% of your trading account into a position at any one time, especially when dealing with 60 Seconds options.


The prices are shown as moving waves, use two trendlines and join the highs with one trendline and use another trendline to join the lows of the candles.

60 seconds trend

The picture above is an example of a downward channel for price action over EUR/USD 1 minute chart.

60 seconds uptrend

The picture above is showing an uptrend which is marked by blue trend lines in order to form an upward trending price channel.

The uptrend will end if the candle starts to close below an uptrend lower trend line. If the candle starts to close above the upper trend line will mean the downtrend has end. Spotting a trend is one of the biggest and most important tasks in 60 Second binary options.

As example, we will put a call trade in an uptrend only and when the price touches the lower trend line we will enter a call trade on our binary options trading platform.

sixty seconds trading

We will also put a trade in down trend only so when the price touches the upper trend line we will enter a put trade. It’s important to always remember that prices moves like waves so you need to understand the pattern and when the price is ready to swing down or up again.


This kind of trading can be very rewarding to some people but new traders should recognize that they can also be more challenging and may pose a higher risk in some ways. It’s true that you can make a lot of money very fast on 60-second trades but you can also lose them more quickly as well. The trades are going very fast and even some experienced traders can’t manage to keep up with them or manage such small increments of time. That’s why new traders should start their training on slower trades and then work their way up to faster trades.

The 60 second binary trading can be very addictive because they go so quickly. Many people get caught up in the excitement and not realize how quickly are spending their money. You should always try to stay on top of what you are doing and keep an eye on your account balance. If you find end up in a situation where you’re losing more than you’re wining, it’s recommended to back off from the market, take a little break, figure out why you are losing, and then come back fresh.

If you manage to learn and master the 60 second binary trading, you have a big chance to earn a lot of money at lightning speeds.

Trading indices

Indices is a plural term of an index. Index is as you may have heard a group of companies. So we are trading the overal performance of a given group of companies. In United States there is a most known S&P 500 which contains 500 most largest and publicly traded companies. The overall index value will move up or down based on the performance of the companies that are in the given index.We also have different indices in different countries around the world, so lets name a few of them. For United States we have S&P 500 and there is also Dow Jones, for UK we have FTSE, Germany has DAX and Japan has NIKKEI.

What you will learn here:

  • What is index(indices)?
  • What effects indices?
  • When to trade them?
  • Info on most traded ones!

List of stock market indices


So what does affect to move indices? Since indices are the overal performance of a group of companies and each one of these companies is publicly traded and has stocks and voila! Stocks are the factor that moves indices up or down.
If we take a look at how we would trade indicies in binary options brokers its pretty much the same as with all the assets we have covered by now. If you decided upon the analysis you took that the certain indica will go up, you will choose the UP and if you researched and saw there should be some troubles with certain indica and will go down for whatever reason, you choose DOWN.


You have to keep in mind that when you trade indices, you are limited by trading hours of the index market you are trading. This is not 24-hour market as forex is so take a look at index you want to trade and take a note of when are the trading hours of that market or ask your broker. You do not want to trade multiple indices, it is better that you focus on trading one and get really familiar with it.


S&P 500
Available for trading: 5 days a week. Check with your broker if it is anything different.
Which broker offers S&P 500: Almost every broker has this in their asset list.

Since this index is influenced by top 500 traded companies in US, there are many factors to determine where the value will go. You definitely need to keep an eye on the most big ones because usually it goes their way because of the volume they trade with.

Dow Jones
Available for trading: 5 days a week. Check with your broker if it is anything different.
Which broker offers Dow Jones: Almost every broker has this in their asset list.

It consists of only 30 large traded US companies and because of that its easier to trade since we have to know information about less companies then in S&P 500.


Trading indices is definitely not one of the simple choices beacuse there is alot of things going on with determining where it will go. So if you choose to trade them, please do the needed research before, because it is a must in this case and always look for support and resistance in technical analysis.

Trading commodities

To better understand trading commodities you first have to know what commodities are. Commodity is something that is in need but has no differentition on the market, best example can be corn. If you look at the corn and taste it, you will never know who produced it, that is why there is universal price for commodities and some other examples of them are: rice, coffee, wheat, tea and oil is aswell a commodity and we must not forget on gold and silver. The last three ones are the ones that are offered by majority brokers because they are traded the most.

What you will learn here:

  • What is commodity
  • Types of commodities
  • What effects the commodities
  • Info on most traded ones

trading commodities


What do you think determines the price in this case? If you said supply and demand you are defineatly right because thats exactly what it is all about. all business around the world evolves around this statement of supply and demand. As you may see the prices of oil are constantly going up and that is simply because there is a big demand for this commodity and there is never such thing as enough of oil.That is because we all have cars and in order to go around with them we need to put gas in them. There also comes times when demand is lower or buyers are not interested in paying such high price, then there is no other option as that the price of oil goes down.
I would also have in mind, not just in mind, put this on a paper or somewhere you will keep an eye on because that is how important it is. For example, United States Department of Energy releases every Wednesday their inventory. Similiar reports comes of course for other commodities aswell. Based on these reports, the prices also regulate, so find out where and when they are published because it will help you be a better trader.



  • GOLD. This is defineatly one of the most traded metals because it is viewed as safe investment in bad times.
  • SILVER. Mostly it is driven by jewelery industry but is  know as volatile market.
  • COPPER. This metal is used in almost any industry especially in construction because of the durability.


  • OIL. This commodity is as we said always in demand and is the most traded energy commodity.
  • NATURAL GAS. Since it not enough known about this energy, supply is very uncertain therefore it can be very volatile


  • CORN. Prices are still affected by natural disasters and also rise of human population.
  • SOYBEAN. There is a wide range of where you can use soybean, from food to cleaning products.



Available for trading: 5 days a wekk. Check with your broker if it is anything different.
Which broker offers oil: Almost every broker has this in their asset list
TIP: You have to check news if there are wars going on or there are any oil spills or sea platforms in danger. This makes prices go up becase its much harder to get oil.


Available for trading: 5 days a wekk. Check with your broker if it is anything different.
Which broker offers gold: Almost every broker has this in their asset list
TIP: Gold was always know as a good reserve of money when the times are not right but its more of a long-term buy. As always have in mind trend.


That there comes times when commodities especially gold, sivler and oil have stronger moves then currency pair or other assets on the list so you need to be carefull and trade smart. So be sure to follow news regarding commodities.

Trading with stocks

Microsoft, McDonalds, Starbucks, Exxon, Facebook, Coca-Cola and Google are companies that we meet everyday even if we do not know it like now for example, you are definitely using one if not multiple products of one of the companies we have mentioned above, that is how powerful and big they are.

What you will learn:

  • What are stocks?
  • What effects stock movement?
  • How to trade them in binary options
  • Profile of two most traded stocks

trading stocks

We can also trade with them and all eyes are usually on these companies because they are interesting. The only different thing is we are not buying stocks in this case, we are only determining if the price of a stock will go up or down in a certain amount of time. Depending on the broker, there could be even more stocks to trade with, which is a benefit if this is something that interests you.


If you are reading from the start you know we already mentioned supply and demand and that is exactly what effects the prices of stocks go up or down. To quickly sum it all, if there is a bigger demand for a certain product, meaning the prices of their stock will go up and if they are having financial problems, meaning they are not profiting enough as a company and therefore is no real interest, the prices will go down.

MARKET CHANGES. You have to take a look at global economy and what is going on. If there are some bad things happening that could affect the prices of stocks then investors rather hold the stocks and that leads to fall in prices.

EARNING REPORTS. Depending on a report, price will go that way. So if the report is good, naturally the prices will go up. What is considered a bad report? Even if a company has made a profit, that does not mean for investors it is good if previous quarter the company has made more profit. This only means the company made less money, so its a abd sign for investors.

MERGERS. This usually has positive effect on prices because it means only good for business. Mergering companies want to improve and to be more competitive.

GOVERNMENT. This also depends on stock prices since government always issues some new policies. For example, if they increase duties on materials for import then it affects the companies profits and also stock prices. On the other hand if government would issue better conditions for importing then it would increase profitability of companies.


binary options trading stocks

First you need to determine the direction of where the stock will go after reading for example the news. From here you are able to choose based on your decision a simple up or down or any other binary option type that you feel comfortable trading with. For example, if you have earning report, it can be upto few days of positive or negative because it news are spreading. In this situation, the most advisable would be a no touch/touch option since the stock price is more volatile and it more easily breaks through support or resistance.



TRADING HOURS: During normal trading hours of NYSE which are from 9:30 till 4:00 ET, five days a week. Always check with your broker aswell for trading hours.
BROKERS: Usually all binary options brokers have them in their asset list.
TIP: You have to keep in mind that all eyes are with them since they are leading the way in electronics market at the moment and every small mistake even such as with maps can lead to falling the prices down of the stock.


TRADING HOURS: During normal trading hours of NYSE which are from 9:30 till 4:00 ET, five days a week. Always check with your broker aswell for trading hours.
BROKERS: Usually all binary options brokers have them in their asset list.
TIP: Although Google is the leader when it comes to search engine but if someone of their competition such as bing or yahoo comes with new tools or products it directly affects aswell google shares.


You should always have in mind that your own thoughts are not neceserally the thoughts of majority therefore do not fall in love with certain company. So you do not become emotionally attached to it because trading does not involve any emotions. Rather focus on real factors, such as fundamental analysis of certain company, if they have good profits and look aswell at their chart.