Trusted Binary Options Brokers


List of brokers that is selected below is based on our own research that we have conducted. Meaning that they are approved since they were able to be good in performance for user which means they respond to you as user and offer you good enviroment foor trading binary options. The other thing is of course the money, these brokers have shown that they are not a scam and they deal with money as reliable and most of them are regulated, therefore even more trusted. Here are the recommended ones:

Broker Bonus Min Deposit Leverage Review Open Account
24 Option broker logo No bonus €250 1:400 Review Visit Broker
500investments logo USA Welcome Bonus $250 up to 1:400 Review Visit Broker
Binary broker logo No bonus $5 1:200 Review Visit Broker
CMarkets Group Logo Trade Bonus $250 Up to 1:500 Review Visit Broker
Dow500 logo No bonus $1 Up to 1:200 Review Visit Broker
EX trade broker logo USA No bonus $500 1:2 Review Visit Broker
ETFinance logo No bonus 0-250 up to 1:500 Review Visit Broker
etoro broker logo USA Reffer a friend $200 1:400 Review Visit Broker
IG broker logo USA No bonus $450 1:222 Review Visit Broker
ITRADER logo No bonus 0-250 up to 1:400 Review Visit Broker
Markets Pilot logo Trade compensations $250 up to 1:500 Review Visit Broker
Plus 500 Broker logo No bonus $100 1:300 Review Visit Broker
SimpleTRADES logo USA No bonus $5,000 Up to 1:200 Review Visit Broker
Deposit bonus 2,500€ not mentioned Review Visit Broker
XM Broker Logo USA No deposit bonus $5 1:888 Review Visit Broker

Please note that the minimum deposit amount, the regulation and the brokers that accepts or does not accept United States traffic, can be changed from time to time. We do our best to serve you an up-to-date information, but if you’ve found anything that is not accurate please let us know.

It is a hard task to find the right broker, that is why we at binary options zone are here to help you even with that since we know how hard that can be. To make constant profit with trading binary options is definitely not easy but imagine that you are making it but at the end you have problems when you want to withdraw money or the broker does not respond to you. Since the industry is relatively new there is alot of fraud and scam going on from the side of brokers and that is why you need a trusted and reliable broker. That is why there is a need to show you who are the ones that are recommended and offer you a good security as well.

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Please proceed with caution with any of the brokers,  make your own due diligence to make sure the broker you are choosing is the right one for you and the trading style you will adopt. The reviews on our site can give you a direction but at the end you will have to make your own decision.


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