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Trading with currencies

We will go through currencies so you better understand how they work and what moves them. As you may know or you maybe have seen they are always traded in pair liek for example, EUR/USD; and one of the asset is always performing better then another. To better understand we can see this anology; when two cars are racing, they are in constant movement and one is always infront untill the other comes infront.  And same thing is happening with currency pairs.

What you will learn here:

  • Basics and major pairs revealed
  • What effects the currencies?
  • information on most traded currency pairs

trading currencies

If you take a look at the USD/EUR pair and the USD is looking better, then the pair is going up. If EUR is stronger then the pair will go down. What dictates the movement of prices are trends and many other things. Since a very large quantity of currencies can be traded in Forex, there is 85% of the most traded ones and are called Majors. One of the interesting things is that the Majors all contain the USD.

Lets take a look at Major pairs that are traded the most: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and NZD/USD.


Since Currency belongs to certain country or as in EUR case, the whole european union that means currency is influenced by economy, political views, financial news, natural disaster and so on. Even rumors can do things to change the price of pairs. By looking at all these fundamental analysis you can determine at what price will the pair go, up or down and then determine based on technical analysis on chart when you want to put in the trade. You always need to look at support and resistance in technical analysis and you must learn to look at both fundamental and technical analysis to make it work for you in long-term and be profitable as much as possible.



Available for trading: 24hours a day, 5 days per week. You should always check with your broker if there are some changes.
Which broker offers EUR/USD: Every right broker should offer this pair.
TIP: You should never trade during some big annoucments of banks or news with these two ebcause of their volatility. Always wait and then determine.


Available for trading: 24hours a day, 5 days per week. You should always check with your broker if there are some changes.
Which broker offers USD/CAD: Every right broker should offer this pair.
TIP: Since Canada is providing US oil, the price is not so volatile but you should be careful since oil prices can affect the price on this pair.


Available for trading: 24hours a day, 5 days per week. You should always check with your broker if there are some changes.
Which broker offers USD/JPY: Every right broker should offer this pair.
TIP: Mostly its stable but you should watch for sudden spikes in price action.


This is what you need to know about currencies and trading them. We have covered the most important factors so you get better insight knowledge on them. Of course to get even better insight and information about each and every one of them you have to follow the news and read about it since there are constant changes in the market. It is a must to cover your fundamental research in order to be a good and profitable trader on long run.

5 Tips on why choose binary options over forex

By now you already know that binary options are simple and that if you want to profit from it, you need to determine the price of certain asser after a certain amount of time. You have everything set and this is good sicne you already know what youa re risking.

What you will learn here:

  • Why binary options is better then forex
  • Detail explanation of every WHY

Piles de monnaie en croissance


Here is why you need to choose binary options over forex:

1. Because you can make money even every 60 seconds if you choose to do so. You can actually select 1 minute expiration time and trade only them. You just need to take in consideration that such trading is much more riskier then long-term because it shifts direction much faster but the profits are aswell faster – that is why it is so popular and people get interested. Do not forget ehre aswell to take some time for analysis and try to trade with the trend here.

2. Much more simple tools to use and start trading only by placing UP or DOWN button. When you start trading binary options you can see that the trick to trading is just to select the expiration time and click on up or down button with which you select where the price will go after the strike price till the end of the expiration time.Of course you also have option to choose other trading tools but simplicity is what give binary options trading advantage over forex, it is just easier to understand them.

3. You just register with the broker online and start trading, so no downloads required. First you have to choose the appropriate broker. As easy as it sounds, it really is not that easy because it is one of most important steps even in forex. Good broker is like a good partner in business, it makes the difference. After that, all you need is login information and you can trade from everywhere as long as you have internet connection.

4. There are predetermined risks so you can limit your losses. This is also advantage in binary options because before a start of a trade you already know what is your risk and what is your profit, it makes all the difference and easier decision while on the other hand with forex you determine all the variables – being said that, you can also make more profit. For novice traders or traders who want to have higher chance of profit, binary options is better choice.

5. You can make profits from the start BUT always trade only with certainty in mind. It is true that binary options trading is not 100% profit and that you can lose money with it but you can limit that with teaching yourself. That is why you need to prepare yourself for a trade as you do for everything in life.


After all, everything in life has two sides, people will always be like that so you have to take your mind and choose what works best for you. If you already have expirience in forex then i see no problem to try out binary options, maybe you will have better profits with them. Or if you are a novice trader and never trader before, you should expect this is nothing like breathing air which is basicly automated, you have to learn as you have learned to walk – you did not do that in first try either!

Difference between Binary options and Forex?

You are getting familiar with binary options more and more now and you are aware that binary options are getting in popularity over  the past 2 years. Let us take a look at what is the difference between Forex and binary options. This way you can evaluate which is better for trading and starting more easily.

What you will learn:

  • What is Forex?
  • Main differences between Forex and binary options
  • Trading differences between Forex and binary options



Foreign Exchange or short as you know it, Forex is one of most profitable markets because of the daily liquidity in it. It is so popular because it helps traders around the world to do currency trade and big percentage of this daily turnover is done by trading Forex online which is increasing in popularity.
When you start with trading Forex you speculate that value of certain currency will have higher or lower price compared to another. For example if you have a currency pair of USD/JPY at 1.28010 and you speculate that it will decrease in near future. You buy 100 of USD/JPY and wait till it you have determined to close the trade and profit from it – that is an easy example but you got the point!

Now on the other hand we have binary options which is new and more simple version; that is why it is more appealing to people then Forex is – simplicity is the key!


Lets take a closer look at differences between these two…

1. Forex trading is much more professional environment and does not allow you any mistakes that is why more then 90% of the traders fail and lose money in Forex market. When on the other hand binary options are more simple and easily understandable for people that are new to the whole thing.

2. With binary options you have predefined profit and it can be even up to 90% in rare cases the profit can go up to 400%. With Forex you are your own judge and there is no predefined values because you can open and close trade at any time you desire and as well the profits can be as well higher but it much more riskier.

3. Binary options are more safe when it comes to trading because you already know at the start how much you can lose or profit and also if you lose you can get some back because of the safety refunds that brokers are offering you. There is no such thing in Forex, when you lose, you just lose.

4. Binary options gives you more assets to trade with then in Forex which means you are not limited only to currencies but you can make predictions in stocks, indices and commodities as well.


Now as we have seen most visible differences you should also read what differences are between Forex and binary options as in trading experience and trading as it is.


Forex:  The maximum margin is established by your broker and it can be up to 1:500. Margin gives you option to increase your investment  so you can make a larger profit if we presume you have a winning trade.

Binary Options: When you trade binary options, the margin is not used. Since there are very good returns of up to 90% or even more they are very attractive deal.


Forex: When trading Forex you will never know what profit exactly you can make out of each trade. You can put stop limits just to be on safe side of the trade and that is what can be done in Forex to stop losses.

Binary Options: Here you will know before the trade what can be your profit and what can be your loss which is definitely better for novice trader and less stressful.


Forex: it is you who chooses the closing time of the trade, basically you can do it anytime you want. You can do that between the market open hours and broker must accept your order – Most o the time that is all done in couple of second because of the trading volume Forex does per day.

Binary Options: Here you have already predefined closing position based on time frame.


Forex: You have different types of orders, the main one is buy/sell and here are others: Limit, Stop, Trailing Stop and others.

Binary Options: Because of the popularity the brokers have added other types as well, beside classic up/down you also have:  60 Seconds Options, Touch/No Touch, Boundary and some others.


Forex: Depending on the broker since some will let you trade with very low budget and there on the other hand you have maximum trade which can lead up to 8 figures.

Binary Options: Again, you have predefined options here so you already know what you are dealing with based on your investment but the maximum trades can be 5 thousand and more.


Forex: You need to take in consideration the spread and also commission.

Binary Options: Nothing like the above in binary options.


These are main differences between Forex and binary options. As you can see the binary options are more fun and easy to understand and to start making money with. But you have to choose the right broker for that, that is way you need to read the reviews and select the right one.

Charts and Analysis

To make it in this business you do not really need a degree in economics or to be super smart mathematician. Its just to get knowledge and to follow rules. If you are able to do that, then you have good option to succeed. All trading world depends on simple supply and demand as all business world as well. I am sure you know what that means but lets take a look at simple example in practice to make it more familiar and understandable.

charts and analysis

What you will learn in this article:

  • What are charts?
  • How many types of charts exist?
  • How to use them for your benefit!
  • Where to read charts?
  • What is analysis?
  • What types of analysis exist?

If we go back to the example i mentioned, let us think of high-end whiskey brand where supply of them is low because there is only one manufacturer and it takes them years to put the product on the shelves for the public to buy it. On the other side, we have apple fruit where supply is high since there is many people out there that is growing and providing them.

Now, if we take a look and focus at the price, if supply of one thing is low that means the price is high since there is more demand for such product and if there is a lot of supply as we said with apples, then the prices are lower. That is also how financial industry works, based on supply and demand, only thing different is they don’t use apples and whiskey but financial products.


All the assets can be shown on a chart that’s why you can not trade without one. Its a graphical presentation of chosen asset with a defined period of time. If you did not know, there is many different types of charts out there but only one i would recommend are candlesticks. This type of chart provides us with the most info on the asset and gives us better insight on how it performs. Based on the charts we can see the past performance of one asset in certain period of time and based on that and also fundamental analysis we can predict where the price will go next.


We have 4 different types of charts that traders and investors use to get their information. They are called: bar chart, line chart, candlestick chart and point&figure chart.


This one is really basic and as the name suggest you can already presume its a line and it represents closing prices of asset through period of time. To get the line you basically connect the dots of closing prices. Since the most considered and important is the closing price some use this chart to get the idea on where the asset will go but there is no other information available such as opening prices and high/low.

line chart


Bar chart is an upgrade to the line chart since it gives us more information. As you can see it is made of lines that are vertical and each of them represent a point with information which is high and low for this period and you also get to know at what price it has closed. opening and closing can be seen by horizontal line or dash on it. Opening price is located on the left side since we are going from left to the right, so the closing price is on the right side.

bar chart


This chart is similar to bar chart, only difference is the structure of it since it is visually different. We also have thin vertical line in candlestick charts which represents certain period range. But then we have a bigger body, wider on this same vertical line which illustrates the open and close of this time period that candlestick represent. Another thing is that when its going up its different color then when its going down. You can see that here:


and next take a look at how it looks in a chart as a whole:

candlestick chart


This is not very well known chart and most traders and investors do not use it. We will just cover it so you are aware of it. As you can see it represents from X-s and O-s. It is simple since X represent the trend of the price that is moving upwards and O represents the trend of the price that is going down.

poin and figure chart


METATRADER 4. This  is one of the best source for free charting info. You should download the software and connect it with one of the best forex brokers so thy send you right info and choose one that has a lot of options in it so you get all the info needed.

MULTICHARTS.  This is also downloadable product that gives you high quality charts. Visit here:

FREE STOCK CHARTS.  You do not need much info on this one, i suggest you visit it here:


What is analysis? With this, you analyse the potential trade. It is a must before trade, otherwise you can lose all the money you have. Of course you can complicate things, but as they say, simple is the best also applies here. Everyone has their own strategy but since you are a beginner i would recommend following the trend and make analysis based on that.



This means you get and study the info that is provided from different news sources which affect the movement of the price of a certain asset. May be, there are some changes in European bank system or there are some problems or someone is taking legal actions against company. This all, takes the price up or down. That is why this analysis is important when trading.


Here you apply your own terms and strategies on where the price should go. You can use indicators, different type of charts, different time frames. Here you have no limit since people have different methods. You want to predict in which way in certain time frame the asset will move based on information from the past. That is why it is good if you use both of analysis together to determine.


Now you have more clear vision how the whole market in finance works and that with little knowledge and analysis you increase your chance of profits and success in long-term. Also, do not forget, to not over-trade, only trade when you have facts in place and you are sure of the trade.

Binary options types

Since the binary options industry is evolving and getting more and more popular the brokers also decided to offer us even more types of trading binary options. I know this can get confusing for new traders that is why here you will get simplified answer to all of them with examples and when is the best to use them. So when the time comes for trading you will know what to choose on your preferred platform, what to trade with and what suits you the best. We will start with simple ones first and move along to the harder ones. Probably you will only use or two of these but it will not hurt you to know every type of it because knowledge is power and you need it to make right steps in binary options.

binary options types


This is the most common one. Easiest explanation would be that the trader just needs to make sure the expiry price is higher or lower then the price when he opened the trade, depending on what he selected at the start. So if a trader selects UP or Call option and at the selected expiry time the price is higher, he profits. Same applies to DOWN or Put option, only in vice-versa mode.
They are also called with a few different names, depends on the broker and platform they use. They can be up/down, high/low or call/put it all means the same thing.  As we said, they are basically a bet that your asset of choice is going to move up or down.  Check the picture to illustrate the behavior:


Best use of this type of trading is in the trending market, that means if you will trade this type witht he trend then you should be doing ok. Just make sure you are seeing the big picture as well.


Using this type of trade we are speculating that price will touch a level we decided on, that is if we choose the one touch option. The exact opposite applies to no touch. You will profit if the price does not reach the level. It is really simple, so basically we just have to define if we will go with one touch or no touch, it just needs to happen in the specified time and you get the profit. Check the picture to see what i mean:

touch or no touch

As you have seen, with this type of trading you have to predict if a certain asset price like in our case apple stock will reach a predetermined level before the expiry time. The level can be predetermined above or below starting price. You are profitable right away if the target price is reached within the time. Lets take a look at the example of such trade:

ONE TOUCH. We will use the apple stock as in the picture. The spot price which is the price at the time you execute the trade is 603 and the price you have to reach is 627 – Some of the brokers also let you set the price you want to reach with option builder. So, your trade is profitable if the price of apple stock reaches 627 at any time before the expiration of the time. Once you hit the price, it does not matter if it goes down – it has touched the price level you wanted. If it does not, you do not get any profit.
NO TOUCH. This works in the opposite way as we described before. Here you have to predict that asset is not going to reach certain level. If the asset however reaches the level before the time has expired you lose your investment right away. To continue with the example of apple stock picture we can say that spot price is 603 as we can determine of the picture and the up limit is set at 627. With the no touch option this means that as long as the price does not touch the level of 627 you are profitable. it must remain so till time expires. You can also set that the price will not touch the 581 level, which means it will not fall lower then that.

I would recommend using one touch option if you speculate that certain level of price will be reached but not really sure if it will remain at that level. When volatility of assets is low, there you can use no touch option since its perfect for that.


To easily explain this type of trading is to use an example. USD/EUR is trading at 1.4500 and if we say that the upper range is set at 1.5000 and the lower one is set at 1.4000. Benjamin, our zone trader chooses IN option and at the expiry time the USD/EUR was trading in the zone between 1.5000 and 1.4000 which means that Benjamin has profited from this trade. If he would choose the OUT option then the exact opposite should happen in order that he receives the profit. Lets take a look at picture example:

in range

As you can see from the picture that is an in-range trade as we have discussed.  So if you want to get the profit, the price mus stay in the grey area that is a bit lighter so it is easily seen when its out or in.
Lets take a closer look at the out of the range example. To win or profit from such trade, your asset price must finish when the time comes out of the boundaries or range. Again, this is shown with lighter grey color, that’s where it must be in order to profit.

out of range

I would suggest using the IN option for trading when there is low activity and not so much volatility on the market. Using the OUT option is suggested especially during volatile hours because its just small option that the price will stay in the zone/range.


You definitely have heard of these, since majority of brokers advertise to profit in 60 seconds. Its really simple, its basically the UP/DOWN method but with the expiration of 60 seconds or 1 minute. In essence this is the fastest way to make money if you think fast but you have to get prepared for it.
Lets just do a quick example although its the same idea as with the UP/DOWN. So if our trader, Benjamin decides to put a CALL option and after the time has expired which is 60 seconds the price is higher then as it was at the starting point, he just profited! That quick!


  • One of the biggest advantages is as it was said, you can make money fast since you can trade small movements while on hourly time frame would not be possible.


  • Short time frame meaning that there is a lot of possibilities that trade can change in that time, so be sure its going into your direction when you put a trade.
  • Psychological – this one can be good or bad because your mind is your friend or enemy here.

I do know its hard to recommend when to use this type of trading but if i have to choose something then i would say to sue it ONLY in strong trend. You can not use technical analysis with these since the time is just too fast.

What are binary options?


You have been wondering what are binary options. If you have been searching around internet for earning money or maybe you saw how simple is to trade binary options then you must have seen this term but now you will even know and understand  for sure what binary options in detail but first you should know they  are known as digital options and are available to us to trade from year 2008. To put all this this into a more practical way, there are two possible ways for a trade to close in binary options. One is in the zone or in the money, that is when the traded asset is within the specified trade and will get the money or out of the zone so called out of the money, when the trader is out of the specified trade. And that is why binary options are appealing to more and more people, because of the simplicity that lays in them!

binary options profit

When you search online for binary options explanation and to get better understanding of what this is, most of the results suggest you to stay away from it or they are promoting their broker to get you in. That’s why we decided at to give you all the required info on binary options to satisfy all your hunger for information and serve it to you here.

What you will learn right now:

  • How binary options trading works?
  • Why would you trade binary options?
  • Type of assets you can trade with binary options?
  • What types of trading binary options exist?
  • Where to start? Can i start small? Where to learn?


As you have read, you know now that binary options are based on putting a CALL/UP or PUT/DOWN button so i would suggest to take a look at the graphical example of what we have just said:


 As you can see the both trades are winning trades because they are in the zone of what we choose. Lets focus on the first one. Benjamin is a trader who decided based on information that he gathered that this trade will go up from the point where its shown in the image. As you can see, if the chart stays in the green area, it means he will win the trade if it stays there till the specified time of expiration, if it would turn around and chart would fall bellow the green area and would end at the time specified at the beginning of the trade, then the trade is lost.
Second one is basically the same as first, only thing is its reverse since Benjamin decided that the chart will stay in the lower area, orange as you can see when the expiry time comes.

This is what binary options is about. You choose the asset you would like to trade, get as much as info as possible for that asset to determine fundamentally if it will go down or up from the start of your trade till the end of expiry time. Before you start putting in trades because you think you are right i also suggest to learn more about technical analysis and charts so you also understand this part because at the end it comes down to that and timing. If you check back at the picture you can see if we would take another start of the trade then the trade could turn out differently.


You have to know that there is no such thing as being certain in trading, even in binary options. So please get that out of your head even you have some secret formula to success or you have read somewhere it is possible. That being said you also have to know there is big potential to profits if you put some time and dedication into it and approach it with the right mentality. There are several good reasons why you can benefit from binary options and start trading:

why not binary options

  • Easy to understand! That is definitely one of the first reasons because when you will go through this article you will theoretically know what binary options already are and you did not even put one trade through. You have learned that you can profit if you know which way the certain asset will go in certain amount of time. If you can achieve that, you will be profitable.
  • Predefined risk and profit! Before you place a trade you already know how much you can profit from it, industry average is around 80-85% return if investment, so if you start small, even with 250$ you can turn that into 500$ in relatively fast amount of time. You can also turn to the other side if you are not careful and lose the trade but most of brokers have refunds in place so you are left with something – be carefull!
  • No need to be financial wizard! You do not need economics degree to know how to trade binary options. This may be true for other investing opportunities such as Forex which is more hard to learn with more variables.
  • Become better! If you will successfully learn the art of binary options trading you will also see that you will benefit on other areas of your life. That is simply because with trading you learn self-discipline and knowing your limits.



What is an asset? An asset is usually known as an underlying asset and that is term in finance which describes items that are available to trade internationally. Assets are basically the base of binary options and you 100% know them and have heard of them. Depending on the broker you will trade with you can choose from wide range of assets, these include Forex, stock, indices and commodities. We are trading the assets we just mentioned and we win or lose based on the pricing movement of these assets. As an example, Benjamin was gathering info and thinks that XYZ asset will be above or below the opening trade when the expiry time comes and if he is right, he receives a profit.

STOCKS. Stock is a share of a certain company. Companies give out shares so they can raise more capital for themselves in return they give you their stocks. You can trade without them, so you can buy or sold them. If a certain company is doing well and is making profits the stock price will go up and if there is anything wrong, the price of the stock will go down. With binary options is a little differnt because you are only trading in which direction this stock will go in certain amount of time.

Examples of stocks: McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Google, Apple, etc…

COMMODITIES. These are goods that you can touch, they are in physical shape like rice, wheat and corn. Prices of commodities are affected when something happens, could be political or environmental.

Examples of commodities: Gold, silver, wheat, corn, cotton, oil, rice, etc…

CURRENCIES. They represent certain country like USD is for united states or like EUR for European union countries. But you are not trading one, you are trading pairs because that is how fluctuation occurs. For example if we take a look at EUR/USD pair. If there are some bank news involving EUR that will effect the price of this pair.

Examples of currency pairs: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, etc..

INDICES. This is a plural term for index. Index represent a group of companies and its verges them into one index. One of the most popular and known ones is definitely S&P 500 which represent top 500 traded publicly traded companies in US.

Examples of indices: NASDAQ, S&P 500, DOW JONES, NIKKEI



Since this industry is growing fast, there are far more options trading out there such as touch options, boundary options, up/down and even 60 seconds trading which is really fast ROI if you know what you are doing. Lets take a look at what type of options you can choose from:

HIGH/LOW. This is where a trader has option to determine if a price of certain asset will move above or below strike price by the end of the expiration time. Basically what that means is at the start of trade you have to determine if at the end of expiration time the price will be higher or lower. If you get it right, you have profited.

TOUCH/NO TOUCH. Here as a trader you have to determine and predict if your asset of choice will touch determined price or not before the time will expire. It just has to touch one-time to win the profit if you choose the touch option. it must not touch even once if you have choosen no touch option.

RANGE. You have to choose as a trader that a certain asset will stay within the boundaries after the time will expire or will it be out of the range. This type of options can be also known as boundary options.

60 SECONDS. This is a fast type of binary options expiry time. It is basically high/low but with a one minute expiry time. You have to determine if certain asset will be higher or lower of when you have started this trade and the expiration time is 60 seconds. So you have ability to profit fast. But be careful.

There are even more options trading such as Multi-trade, short options, matrix, strike and Japanese ladder but these are for professional traders and too complicated. Which type works the best for you really depends and that is something you will have to learn on your own when you will start trading. I suggest you first try that on demo account and then when you see success, start replicating that in the real account otherwise you will exhaust real account and be without money. Learn first then trade with real money.


 I would suggest you go through our binary options basics program and then advance your way up to expert. This is your best chance to be succesfull at this business. Another good thing about binary options is that you can start relatively small, even with 200$ but i would suggest you to learn in demo account first – that is a must if you want to turn your initial money into something more then just a loss and another potential negative thing in your life. I think you do not need that. In your first steps you will make trials and errors and you have to try it with virtual money. You have to get to know with the platform that you are going to work with and get familiar what to press to start the trade and read the charts. So essentially its the same as learning to swim, you go slowly into the water and start trying, you do not just jump into it and act like professional because water would drown you, so here, the market would eat your money away.


Here we are at the final steps! Choosing the right broker for you and that is one of the hardest things and challenging. Why is that such a problem? Because you can make money but if you have it with wrong broker, you can have a nightmare to withdraw it. Many of the websites are scam websites so you have to make sure who you are giving the money and that they are regulated by some financial institutions, that is why we have created a list of recommended brokers you can trust and work with. This list is  always checked to make sure everything is in order. Click here to check recommended brokers!