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New Lows and Highs: Are you Obsessed?

Obsessive trading

A lot of trading books talk about how appealing trading new highs or new lows could be. Many traders out there are trained along with free trading guides or basic strategies in order for them to have an uptrend trade through shorting once the prices surpass old highs since this sort of confirms trends. This may lead to profit sometimes however; this is not always the case. When you review your charts you will notice that prices frequently eclipses an old low or high and then suddenly moves back the opposite way. This basically lets you feel like you traded at the most disastrous time.

obsessive trading of binary options


The previous paragraph does not necessarily mean that buying new highs and selling new lows do not actually work. Sometimes this can be profitable. There are ways for you to have your odds increased when you are selling new lows and buying new highs.

If you are trading traditional markets, you can use S&P target or stop and profit target. In an uptrend you can typically place your target on the former high’s top. This means that you are getting away from your trades. This is what a lot of amateur traders do and are getting into. It would also be a fact that most trading professionals are also doing a similar thing which goes to show that as prices make new lows or highs, professionals move away with nothing left for pushing prices way higher. This usually results in a backward more in the opposite way and losses for amateurs.


Jesse Livermore is the trading who made buying new highs or short at new low strategy quite popular. It was in the early nineteen hundreds when he became a very successful trader. In fact he was deemed as the most successful trader of all time. He was really brilliant when it comes to selecting and trading only very powerful stocks. After trading such stocks he would then get out of that trade if it didn’t go up way over its previous high.

Today, his strategy still applies. You can buy once the price goes through a new high if such price has an extreme and aggressive movement. It is also best to buy when the price seems like it will still be running. However, when the prices approaches a former high slowly then do not even bother buying. You have to keep in mind that buying on new highs and be short on new lows can be advisable.


Sometimes buying new highs and selling new lows can work. There may be even times when you have done it and didn’t even realize it. however, a huge amount of trades which used this strategy are not likely to generate success. When you trade in this manner, make sure that you only do so when price action is strong and prices are most likely to proceed running way beyond its previous low or high. If not, you may look for alternative entries just like what professionals do.

Do you often force your Trades?

Forced trading

There are some points in your entire trading experience that you felt like the market hates you and nothing are really going your way. In these scenarios, what do you often do? Do you move backwards and try to get back your focus? Or do you try harder to prove that you are better than you think you are?If you are doing the latter then you are pretty prone towards forcing your trade. This does not only include getting trades that do not meet by your trading rules. These trading restrictions sometimes take place when you are desperate about making things happen rather than easily reacting to what is really happening.

forced binary options trading


What is quite interesting is that that the attributes of ay thriving trader, like being aggressive or competitive may also lead to probably downfalls. A very cut throat trader can have problems being calm while caught in between a losing streak which them leads to over leveraging or over trading just to have his/her cash back.

The idea the regularly divides profitable traders from the group are that they can control their trading decisions as well as their emotions. A great way to control these elements is by transforming your trading rules to positive trading habits.

Initially, following your own rules about risk management, leveraging, position sizing, and loss placement prevention may be very challenging. But if you are hopeful towards making up for your personal losses, you will most likely be lured to trade without stopping and take more risks. In such a scenario, you have to remember that trading is all about grabbing chances when they are there rather than chasing them around the market. The fact is that you have no control whatsoever of market moves, but you are in clear control of your personal preparations and reactions to these market movements.

Famous trading psychologist, Dr. Brett Steenbarger compared trading to waltzing with trading markets where traders have to agree to the market and that it is taking its lead. If you try to lead the trading market by assuming future action of prices, you may fall over and miss the chance on more gainful moves. The only thing that you have to do is by getting the correct timing and being in sync with market movements.


Trading is a tough process. You have to be very patient about making your moves.

Are you A Greedy Binary Options Trader?

The greedy binary options trader

A lot of traders including their accounts have succumbed into depression due to greed. Because of this the trading saying “Bulls and bears make money; hogs get slaughtered” was born. The Hog is without doubt one of the greediest animal in the world and a greedy trader can be compared to a hog. It is a fact that the trading world does not pity hogs.

greedy binary options trader

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary greed is something that is desired excessively and selfishly. Yes this sounds quite familiar especially if you are a trader. Reality is that it is our dream to have lots of returns and this is the key factor that lures us towards trading for more. However, this desire is not healthy and it is dangerous especially when done in excess. For this reason, you can consider greed as a hazardous emotion. This is even scarier than fear itself. Fear can stop you and get rid of your drive to trade. Nonetheless, fear is the major factor that allows you to stick your hands in safer areas. On the contrary, greed lets you act in a way that produces negative effects. This is the reason why it is really dangerous.

Moreover, greed can let you think irrationally. As for trades like you, greed typically comes through overtrading, chasing markets, over leveraging, and keeping trades that are not worth it. come to think of it, greed is similar to drugs or alcohol. It can also cause addiction and let you act in a very foolish manner. You can be high with greed or be drunk with it. just like other activities, getting rid of greed needs a huge amount of discipline. It is quite hard to get rid of it but there is always a solution to do so. It is all in the mind.

You need to come clean and put in mind that you do not always make the right moves or the right calls. There will be times when you cannot get the full move of the market. There will even be moments when you will not catch a great set up.

As a matter fact, this is trading and it has a lot of elements to deal with. When you learn how to accept that the trading market is a huge arena and that you will surely make mistakes, it is by then that you can focus better on the plans that you have designed. By doing so, you can help get rid of greed.


Many traders who are successful admitted that they would rely on luck rather than doing good. For most traders, success can be better attributed to luck rather than on their personal trading skills. This is not actually advisable for your ego but it surely is useful for your trading needs. This is practically a wise trading secret.

How to Deal with Trading Frustrations

Desperate Businessman image

If you are a binary options trader, frustrations will always be normal for you because losses can happen all the time. When you are frustrated with the results, you may doubt your capabilities and eventually, lose confidence with your own trading plan. This can then lead you to overtrade and bad decisions making in order to prove that your plan really works.

Desperate Businessman

Assess your personal trading experience for a second and think about a time when you were frustrated because of your decisions. Did you think about your succeeding trades much clearer? Did you personally take your loss and begun asking yourself if trading is your trade?

Naturally, traders love to compete and it is exactly this attitude that will make you susceptible to frustration with your losing trades. The great news is that even though is that it is likely to handle such bad emotion and stop it from disturbing trading decisions.

Bouncing back from losing or climbing from your losing streak is quite easy to say than doing it. For some traders, it is simpler to aim the frustration to themselves and then have some pessimistic self talk. When you will realize that you are doing this, you have to take things slow! Blaming yourself will just make you a sour loser and what’s the point of doing so when you already know that the market is unpredictable? No one, not even the best economists will know when or what the next move will be. You have to learn how to accept your loss, tap your shoulder and congratulate yourself for taking and managing your risks. You just have to take note of lessons learned and then you can simply move on.

If you believe than losing trades can be blamed to your lack of proper preparation, then you need to tell yourself to make your assignments. As the famous quote says, “Prevention is better than cure.” In trading this means that you will not be too frustrated if you spend much effort and time in doing the basic analysis and process. Beside this, you should not forget about planning trades and determining actions steps for certain probably market scenes. Never open your arms for frustration and make rush decisions.

Some traders focus their frustrations towards their own trading strategies. You have to put in mind that there is no point in being frustrated when you know that you there are random market moves.

Yes, there may be constant shifts in the market environment but you have to put in mind that steady and reliable profitability may be gained when you stay disciplined and when you follow your proven trading plan. If you are persuaded that your personal strategy no longer works, you can try doing back tests or even changing your approach, rather than being frustrated and ending it all.


You have to keep in mind that trading is not a quick race but a marathon. There shall be moments when it will be hard for you to deal with the market and that is alright. However, just remember to know the right timing and focus.

Trusting your Instincts in Trading: Should you do so?

Shell game scam image

Have you tried being in a situation wherein you had a strong feeling that a certain currency pair will be behaving in a specific manner but you were not so confident about playing it? When the prices did not move as you have assumed, were disappointed that you did not even trust your instincts?

Shell game scam

If you are an experienced binary options trader, you may have gone through this dilemma at some point of your career. You may have also wondered is trading is based on hunches and if it would lead to profits or losses. After all, many traders will tell you that purely relying on your feelings or guessing your trades is not that positive.

However, the contrary thought would be beneficial at some points. Trusting your gut can sometimes be good in trading. Trusting your instincts means trusting yourself. But this does not go to say that you will disregard all technical analysis and basic processes and instead simply trust your feelings on the markets movement.

As mentioned in most trading articles, trading intuition is a trading element that has been created through time and through experience. If you have used up a lot of your screen time and done correct practice, then you will be able to understand the market and how it behaves at specific moments thereby allowing you to have a clearer view on price movements.

Normally, traders become a bit uncomfortable when it comes to entering a certain trade using their instincts. If you are one of these traders, then it is ideal that you keep track of your hunches and if is spot on or not. By doing so, you can develop trust and you can also have me confidence in making future profits. You can also think about having a smaller position based in the feel of the prices. Just put in mind that you need to apply the right risk management system and always have an exit strategy just in case it does not go to the direction that you predicted.

So, realizing that trusting your instincts in trading is a bad idea and you should be more like a trading robot it means you have to take a closer look at mental approach in trading and psychology, so i would suggest you to take a closer look at this piece that was written specifically for this, binary options trading psychology.


Learn to control yourself is important part of trading process which you will learn only through practice and expirience that you will get on daily basis of trading. Learn basics and then try to apply them yourself in real world first through demo account and then on live trading account until you are profitable. Even Rome was not built in one day.

Useful Reminders prior To making your Trading Goals this Year

Useful reminders so you wont forget

Are you prepared for another year of trading? Not too fast! For binary trading amateurs and pros out there, you need to put in mind some useful reminders so that you can successfully create new trading goals. Here are some tips for newbies:

useful reminders


It is always possible to make quick cash but in the world of trading this can be totally possible when you are a financial wizard. The truth to the matter is that binary trading is a business and just like any trade out there it has its ups and downs. You position your capital. You make some money and then you lose some while on the process of improving your skills. And then you can slowly and most likely, surely learn how to regularly profitable.


A very typical mistake that amateurs have is risking cash that they cannot afford to lose in the first place. If you are a newbie you need to let go of your fear from losing cash so that you can concentrate on your skills for trading. If you do not have a lot of principal investments yet, you have to begin with smaller accounts or probably try out your trading skills on the demo.


The fact that you are new makes you prone to numerous trading mistakes which take experience in order to overcome it. Just a small trading journal can help you monitor your improvements or your mistakes. A journal can help you keep track on what is working and what is not and if the changes you are making are correct. Remember that what you cannot measured can’t be managed.


Remember that you are still new in the business and you need all the guidance in the world. Even professional traders asked for help so there is no reason for you not to. You can go to trading forums and as from binary options junkies.

professional reminders

Here are some tips for professionals:


Sometimes, it is important to look at the past. In trading, you can also learn from the past and assess if adjustments in position sizing, stop losses, and indicator settings may have altered your trade’s outcomes. New is not always better. You can look at your journal regularly to know if you have properly carried out your strategy. Think about it, even with a good strategy, you can still fail because of poor execution.


It doesn’t mean that you gained higher rewards than risks last year you can target a thousand percent account increase this year. You need to have your expectations and goals set with regards to your average performance, capital limitations, and available trading time.


Losing is not the only aspect that can give you psychological problems. Winning too can lead to such demise. When you have constant winning streaks you can develop overconfidence which can lure you towards overtrading and lack of preparation. This is actually worse than just being afraid because you will most probably be welcoming useless risks. It does not matter how many times you have won, but you need to be consistent.


This is practically the summary of everything discussed in this article. Binary options is a trading race. Just like any useful activity, having consistent income also needs consistent self development and of course, practice. You should not distract yourself from single losses or earnings. Always maintain your target at the prize and be focused on doing things right.


These are the tips that you should have in mind at all times. You can write them down or print because they are the basic if you want to ever become successful trader in binary options.