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US Stock Market

US Stock Market Shows Recovery Signs, Fund Managers Optimistic

The US stock market has, so far, witnessed a rise in Treasury yields. Last week, the yield recorded on the benchmark ten-year Treasury note or US T-note rose to a...

equities correction

Can a 10% Equities Correction Occur By the End of This Quarter?

Large institutional players like Morgan Stanley or Bank of America are already warning against overextended valuations in US equities, making a larger corrective move very likely as the prices continue...

volatility drops

Volatility Drops Sharply – Can Cyclical Stocks Edge Higher?

The past week in the stock markets had been in sharp contrast with the prior one. Major indices recovered and in the case of S&P500 or Nasdaq, managed to reach...

meme stocks

Meme stocks, wallstreetbets, and the recent stock mania

If you are an active retail CFD trader, the whole saga of meme stocks shouldn’t be a surprise. There is record-breaking speculation on stocks like Gamestop, AMC, Blackberry, Bed Bath...

Q4 2020 earnings

Q4 Earnings Better than Expected – Market Top?

A new earnings season had started and thus far, results had exceeded the expectations. However, all three major US indices had been trading sideways for the past week, which is...

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