Cedar Finance Review

cedar finance review


Yes, at some point CedarFinance does suck. The first thing that will make you realize why it sucks is that some of its assets are not right. It is a real mess and you will be left wondering how they keep track of their customer’s accounts if they cannot organize their own asset index.


An impressive thing about CedarFinance is that it has its Daily Market Review feature where you can learn about recent updates about the market. It is quite up to date and offers lots of information that you might need. Many brokers out there do not update their market analysis leaving clients lost in translation. The site offers a step by step Adobe file that teaches you how to use the platform. The file can show you to use the site’s features and it also showcases the history of Binary Options. Besides these things, there is nothing more worth mentioning.


Cedar Finance is the same as other brokers out there. It offers the same things and because of its similarities to most brokers you can clearly say it is boring. It has no spark that can light up a crowd of brokers. It’s hard to think of a reason why you should choose it as your broker. The information provided on the site has been also used by many other websites out there. Thereby, there is nothing special about learning from Cedar Finance. The site’s motto is “We Focus on what really counts.” The sad part is that it does not live up to its motto. CedarFinance doesn’t even have the time to correct the grammar of its motto considering the “What” should be “Who.”
Cedar Finance considers itself as a worldwide leader in binary. However, it does nothing exceptional to prove its point. It does not put its money where its virtual mouth is. What is the company’s hidden weapon? Probably its payout ranges between sixty five percent and seventy five percent. But this is not a great idea because this range is not so appealing.

Cedar Finance uses Spot Option as its platform but still, this does not set it apart from other brokers because they too use the same platform. Moreover, it has a live chat support which can be pretty helpful but still not something that makes Cedar Finance Unique.


Basically, there is nothing big about the website that will make you totally believe that the site is legit. The fact that it is not so organized makes it unbelievable. The site cannot do a job as simple as organizing its Asset Index. But come to think of it, good scams are actually well planned with sites so attractive that any trader would be lured towards it. Who knows its way of being unorganized might be Cedar Finance’s strategy towards making others believe that they are legit after all. They are probably doing that reverse psychology move towards its target clients. One great proof that the site is legit are some YouTube videos that you can watch about the site and how others have made money from it. If you are a risk taker then you can go for this site. But if you are in doubt then why not go to some of the top brokers.

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