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Grand Option is one of the leading Binary Options trading brokers in the web today. If you are looking for a highly reputable trader, then you wouldn’t go wrong with this one.

Why is Grand Option Bad?

Probably the only thing that most seasoned traders will find bad about Grand Option is the fact that it is a new trading broker company. Most professional traders are very fastidious when choosing their traders and they may consider this broker as not up to calibre.

Why is Grand Option Good?

Grand Option may be a new name as but it is backed up by a very reliable broker, 24Option; and that is one thing that makes this Binary Option broker a really good one. The Grand Option website also has a similar trading platform as the one provided by 24Option – the Optimus. Additionally, similar underlying securities are also being offered. What makes Grand Option a good choice is that it has light-designed website, everything just seems professional and nice at the same time. There are functional charts that traders can set to preferred time frames.

A Full Review of Grand Option

Grand Option is a highly reputable Binary Options broker that offers intelligent and effective web-based trading solution. Since it was launched, Grand Option has managed to take the lead in the financial industry and it has proven itself to be a trusted and dependable broker. This firm works hard at making sure that only lucrative and secure trading experiences are being offered to their traders. This is possible because Grand Option monitors both trading and market activities very closely.

If you trade with Grand Option, you can choose from major assets like stocks, indices, commodities and foreign exchange. The kind of trading experience being offered by this broker id especially created to make both novice and professional traders feel welcome to use advanced technological platform with reliable multilingual and round-the-clock support.

To start trading with Grand Option, you must first create an account and deposit funds. On the registration page, you need to fill up the Personal Information (title, name, email address, country of origin, phone number and birthday) and Account Information (base currency and a password) forms – of course do not forget to click the box indicating that you are of legal age and you agree and accept Grand Option Terms of Agreement and then click Start Trading.

A new trader automatically gets a standard account and can enjoy great features that can be used to start a hassle-free trading experience. Upgrading to a VIP account allows a trader to get additional two percent on each trade, round-the-clock availability of assets, personal free training sessions, unlimited monthly withdrawals, and assistance from a dedicated market expert.

Once your Grand Option account is created, your next step is to choose an asset. You have the alternative to buy as many options as you want based on your initial investment. After choosing the asset, select the option type you desire to buy – High/Low or 60-seconds, and then decide on how much you want to invest. As you type your investment amount your expected payout will be calculated automatically.

After clicking BUY the entry price is going to be immediately updated, which will allow easy monitoring of the progress of your chosen binary option. You will notice the there will be changes in the color of the chart based on the success of the option before expiration. In-The-Money trade makes the chart go green and this means the if your option expires at the present level; payout is going to be calculated before you get it into your account. Red background, on the other hand, indicates Out-The-Money and you will get no payout.

Is Grand Option a Scam?

Grand Option is an online broker that is focused on providing customer satisfaction by delivery of maximized investments. And after a thorough review of Grand Option, it can be easily concluded that it is not a scam. First off, it is backed by one of the most trusted Binary Option brokers in the industry, 24Options. Also, it offers new traders with magnificent features that can assist them in their journey to trading binaries. A scam broker will not provide education features that will teach new traders how to successfully trade even without experience.


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