GTOptions Review

gtoptions review


Why should you choose GTOptions for your trading needs? Recently, it has shown some visible improvements on its system and service. It may have a handful of complaints in the past but the makers took the complaints seriously and did something good from it. One thing that makes it good is that clients can have forty-nine ways of depositing their money as well as the capacity to trade in the Pairs and Ladder option. Moreover, it also has an almost perfect SpotOption 2.0 platform. The great thing about GTOption is that it has learned from its mistakes and that it is ready to redeem its capacities towards bringing happiness to traders.


As usual, its Bonus still sucks! GTOption promises to give you up to a hundred percent bonus and above this you will have a required 20 times turnover deposit plus bonus. It simply lets you comprehend that to withdraw your funds you need to trade forty times its promised bonus. This means that if you have a thousand dollar deposit plus a thousand dollar bonus, then you have two thousand dollars. To withdraw this amount, you need to reach at least 40,000 dollars trading volume. This is forty times your one thousand dollar bonus. The solution to this would be not accepting a high bonus.


Judging by its platform and the way it informs clients, you will easily now that it is really keen towards details. GTOption puts a big deal on leaving a big first impression to its clients. Since you are trading online, its office is the broker’s site is its office. It might be hard for you to trust any bank these days how much more for a broker that only exists online. However, presentation is the key towards luring clients and with GTOption’s professional presentation it is easy for you to believe that they are serious. But, it’s not just image that it brags. Its bread and butter are its service. Everything is well set in its website and things work according to its assigned functions.

GTOption may not be a veteran broker and has only been in the industry prematurely, but has stayed long enough to know the nooks and crannies of the trading world and has used the SpotOPtion 2.0 platform for its improvisation. Through this platform GTOption services have become more stable and faster. It offers client’s faster execution speed. When you look at its platform, you will notice that it has become more luring and more users friendly.

GTOption proved 3 kinds of account each of which are tailored to clients with varied needs. The first type is the Mini account. This is suitable for novice traders who are still trying to understand and blend with the market. The second type is the Classic market which is designed for those who are more serious towards trading and investing. The last type is the Gold account which is created for professional traders who are looking for more adventure and already familiar with the market’s chaos. Beside these options, you can choose from a number of videos and tutorials on the website for free. Advanced lessons are only available when you fund an account.

It has some very useful education materials. As part of its educational tools GTOption promotes free a Demo account and e-books too. Nonetheless, you can only access the demo if you give a deposit. Generally, GTOption has had a great revamp and looks like a really reliable brokerage.


Sadly, GTOption is not yet regulated. But as mentioned many times, regulation doesn’t necessarily mean that you can have problems with your broker. Even though GTOption are not regulated yet, they are getting themselves regulated and by the way they are doing their business, they will surely be regulated sooner than expected.

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