Titan Trade Review

titan trade review


You can easily judge a good binary options website through its professional feel. Apart from this you also need to consider reviews and articles about to make sure that it is totally credible. Titan Trade is a brokerage for binary options traders that offer hassle free products. By hassle free, this means that it does not give you broken links and give you false hopes. What it offers is precise information about various trading aspects. Say, for example, you have never heard about Binary Options, you can go to Titantrade.com to make sure that your understanding about binary options is precise.


The sad part about Titan Trade is that its minimum deposit is $250 to $500. This is way above the industry’s average minimum deposit. This high initial deposit is not so amusing for new traders. This can let you believe that the brokerage is only suitable for amateur traders who really know what they are trading about and are eager to invest in a fair deal.


Titan Trade uses SpotOption 2.0 as its platform and using it as its weapon is a great thing. You do not have to download and then install such software because the site made sure that its services and options are web based and above all, the platform is reputable for convenience and being user-friendly. It is also known for its flaw free functionality and highly intuitive interface. By selecting a popular platform in the trading and, brokerage industry, makes numerous traders begin trading correctly without learning many features of fresh platform. With an easy to use platform, Titan Trade offers a good trading environment without any software problems.

When you open the website, you will see that it is pretty organized. It comes with quality marketing material that are just right for the eye. Information are so easy to access and if you have some questions about trading or its services, the site basically has an answer. Yes, there materials on Titan Trade that are similar to other sites but the great thing about accessing it through Titan is that it is credible. The site has tutorials, videos, and quizzes that can help you become a trader with a brain. It also has an e-book that you can download to your computer for free. You can simply go the site’s Academy section and get it there. Generally, its marketing and education materials staff did a great job in making their tools easily accessible and entertaining as well. There may be nothing exciting or unusual in the site but the materials you can get from it so useful for acquiring Binary Options knowledge.


Titan Trade has five different accounts for its clients. You can have any of these types of accounts for a minimum investment of 500 dollars to 10,000 dollars or more (for VIPs only). If you have a bigger deposit you can have more benefits. However, some benefits are not that justified. As an example, you may have the Platinum account which allows you to deposit 5000 dollars to 10,000 dollars. This comes with an extra education on Moving Averages and RSI. These information are actually free on most websites thus it can’t be totally considered as a bonus. But do not let this discourage you because Titan Trade still has a lot of room for improvement. The site seem legit and professional but only time can judge if can be true to its name.


Titan Trade seems legit despite of its being a newbie in the market. But there because it’s also new, there is a bigger room for speculation here. For now, you can say that it is very transparent and that there services are readily and easily available for any trader looking for a reliable broker. The site has an address of its company which is located in Victoria Mahe Seychelles and this is proof enough that they exits. A sign of scam is a site that lacks a name and an address. Although it is not regulated, making it a candidate for a scam, but it is basically on the process of being regulated by CySec.

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