Arrested Israeli Businessman Involved in Binary Options Scam

Moshe Hogeg is an Israeli businessman captured by the Israeli law enforcement authorities last Thursday, November 18, and he was reportedly involved in a binary options scam. The Beitar Jerusalem soccer club owner and seven other suspects were arrested last week as a component of an Israel Police operation.

Hogeg and his alleged cohorts were reportedly a part of a suspected massive fraud scheme related to cryptocurrencies. We find this latest binary options-related update important for our followers to learn about.

We think they will be able to stay vigilant, especially if they are interested or are already engaging in binary options trading when they read this report. According to the news posted online by Israeli news outlet Times of Israel, Hogeg partnered with Kazakh businessman Kenges Rakishev to launch a venture capital fund in 2012 that later became known as Singulariteam.

The latter was one of Israel’s most active investment funds at one point. Singulariteam invested in approximately three dozen firms. Some of these companies are still active today, while the others are not anymore, per the venture capital fund’s online portfolio.

Additionally, Singulariteam invested in startups managed or co-founded by Hogeg, such as  Mobli,, Yo, and Sirin Labs. became connected to Israel’s fraudulent binary options industry based on a 2018 petition.

This incident took place when a 2017 planned merger between and Israeli binary options firm AnyOption went awry. AnyOptions’ former shareholders claimed that Hogeg systematically pilfered the firm of its profits and assets at that time.

They alleged that the 40-year-old Israeli entrepreneur and investor committed the robbery in such a manner that the company, which should have been highly lucrative, became insolvent and could no longer cover its basic operating costs.

Hogeg then countersued AnyOption in a court based in Cyprus, and the case has since been settled. Besides the binary options-related lawsuit, Hogeg has been sued numerous times in Israel and the United States since 2018.  

Complainants alleged that he defrauded his business partners and investors in many projects involving dummy firms, cryptocurrencies, and a US$1,000-blockchain smartphone that never quite made it to market. According to court documents, the Israeli entrepreneur is suspected of 21 offenses.

They comprise felony entailing sexual and moral turpitude, money laundering, fraud, and theft. Hogeg has denied all the accusations, and he had been in police custody since his arrest last week.

In a statement last Thursday, his lawyers remarked that their client had vehemently denied the claims made against him and is fully cooperating with the investigators. 

We feel composed now that the law enforcement authorities in Israel have already captured Mr. Moshe Hogeg. We believe that his alleged victims also feel the same way. 

We think this report informs potential and existing binary options traders to be very careful. They should make considerable efforts in thoroughly learning about the endeavors they engage in to prevent getting scammed. 

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