Binary options bonus and bonus types

Brokers uses alot of their effort to sign up new traders and start trading and one of that tactics are the bonuses. Brokers offer bonuses only in return when a new trader register and deposit money with them. Either way, bonuses are great way for to boost their bankroll. Bonuses were not that used in Forex trading. The main reason brokers started offering bonuses is simply because it is so effective for them.

binary options bonus

What you will learn here:

  • What are binary option bonuses?
  • Can you withdraw bonus?
  • Is bonus free?
  • What types of bonuses exist?
  • What are best bonuses?

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that people who were interested to trading will be more likely to make an account and work with a broker that offers them a big bonus. That’s the way the binary option bonuses were introduced traders. At the moment, almost everyone if you ask them directly will offer you a bonus.

The idea behind offering binary options bonuses is rational even if much of new traders have hard time to believe in such offer. These bonuses are seen as investment because later on, they will encourage new traders to register and despit their first money. Some new traders also check who has the best bonus to offer and they choose their broker by this standar but it is not something that is adviseable to do. If you preffer some broker more i would rather contact them directly to offer me some good bonus and go with them since most likely they will be happy to assist you.


It’s logical that you can not withdrawn your bonus immediately simply because there would be to much frauds. People would start registering new accounts and just withdrwa the money. To avoid this, traders have the right to withdrawn the bonus if they met the requirements. If you want to withdraw your bonus, the traders will have to trade certain volumes of asset. For example, Trader will need to trade 100 $ in order to receive 10$ as bonus. But traders will have the chance to withdrawn the profit they make without problems because the requirements are viable only to bonus offer.


The binary options bonuses are real but they are connected to a real money deposit as well. Traders will be required to make a real money deposit first, if they want to receive the promotional offer from their choosen broker. This is one of the most effective marketing tactics to make traders register a real money deposit account and start using their money for trading. But it’s normal that the bonuses are tight with a money deposit account because if they were not, traders would just register, take the bonus and generate some profits with the bonus money.


First deposit bonus

Something that is provided by majority of brokers. The free cash you receive as bonus is given to your initial deposit. This means that if trader makes a deposit at the broker that offers such bonus, he will receive additional money for free. Most popular among them is match bonus. By many, this is one of the best bonuses offered from the brokers.

Example, if a broker offers you a 100% bonus match on the first deposit, you will get the bonus money if you chose to deposit. Brokers can’t always offer free money and bonuses and that’s why there is a cap to these kind of bonuses, in some cases. That’s why brokers use a limitation for bonuses and in most cases the limits are in 1.000$ – 10.000$.

Reload bonus

This type of bonus only applies to traders that have history of trading and they want to make another account in near future. But there is a catch with this bonus as well and the rewards are not as big as they are when you deposit for the first time.

No-deposit bonus

This type of bonus is very rare because the broker offers you a bonus that does not require any deposit of your own money. Amount you get is very small and turnovers to withdraw such bonus are higher.


It’s recommended to understand the trading bonuses before you make any decision.  You can’t avoid the requirements but you can make sure to make them as low as possible. Many unknown brokers are giving outrageous requirements for you to be able to withdrwa the bonus. So make sure you get a good bonus while you still are able to get it out and profit and use it in real world. Try to find a broker that is not trying to trick you that is why its better to sue popular and regulated broker.

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