Binary Options Platform Makes Headways in DeFi Scene

The Value Network is a decentralized binary options platform and cryptocurrency exchange. It has stepped into the decentralized finance scene and has reportedly garnered unparalleled success lately. We are thrilled to share this news about the Value Network. This binary options platform is relatively new in the financial markets.

However, it is impressive for the progress it has made since its launch in 2018. According to the report posted online by cryptocurrency news outlet NewsBTC, the Value Network team presented a certain MVP offering on the Qtum blockchain. This activity led to the triggering of unmatched growth in the Value Network Token’s (VNTW) trading volume in merely 24 hours, stealing the show on leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap.

From US$0.011 to US$2.30, the VNTW exchange rate ballooned over 200 times. With this recent event, the Value Network’s team felt amazed with decentralized finance or DeFi. It is following other platforms that are gaining success in the DeFi arena. Moving forward, the Value Network team is excited about its platform’s future and bullish on decentralized insurance. 

Artem Levin is the founder and chief executive officer of the Value Network. He started the decentralized binary options platform and cryptocurrency exchange three years ago. Additionally, the Value Network was initially the cryptocurrency-backed loans platform on Ethereum smart contracts. Last September, its team restarted this project after they realized the emerging DeFi scene’s potential. The Value Network team also finally managed to capture the cryptocurrency audience’s attention with the new development vector.

We are glad to learn about the Value Network being a fledgling yet a promising player in the binary options and DeFi realm. We believe that this platform is very valuable because it aims to resolve the binary options market’s main problems. Besides decentralized binary options, the Value Network offers price oracles and peer-to-peer or P2P betting. They permit users to compete, placing wagers against each other on the Ethereum blockchain.

We laud the Value Network’s operations because it is not the same as most fiat platforms. With this binary options player, there are zero conflicts of interest involved. Plus, the Value Network user interfaces are uniquely developed, offering an engaging user journey. 

Hence, we gathered that the Value Network’s clients relish a whole new experience. We believe that they can bid their negative experiences with other existing blockchain prediction markets’ platforms farewell for good, thanks to the Value Network. 

With more positive reviews regarding this platform, we believe that more binary options enthusiasts will try the Value Network and see for themselves. We assure them that they will not regret their decision.

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