Crypto Firm Launches Platform with Binary Options Feature

Technicorum Holdings Private Limited has launched Gennix, a micro-lending and cryptocurrency platform that features binary options services. This Singapore-based company specializes in virtual assets and has worked with Binance to build its new trading site.

We feel quite interested in reading this update involving cryptocurrencies and binary options. We think our readers interested in these financial instruments will also feel the same way as they would learn considerably about the latest developments in these businesses.

According to the news posted online by business magazine Singapore Business Review, Gennix targets reducing financial inequality on the blockchain. It does not depend on banks or other centralized authorities as a decentralized finance or DeFi instrument.

Moreover, Technicorum’s new micro-lending and cryptocurrency platform is accessible to users with a browser and stable Internet connection. Daniel Daboczy is Technicorum’s chief executive officer.

He said that the binary options platform’s implementation targets users intending to take on higher risks in exchange for profiting. Technicorum’s CEO described this Gennix feature as a trading site that is very straightforward to use and free of technical jargon.

Daboczy also mentioned that the binary options’ implementation aims to simplify the seemingly complicated binary options trading systems. He remarked that this Gennix service enables users to generate more wealth.

Daboczy affirmed that the binary options feature also decreases user capital’s exposure to the cryptocurrency market’s volatility. He further described the Gennix platform as having features for solving cryptocurrency lending issues like complex financial instruments and over-collateralized lending.

The Gennix micro-lending and cryptocurrency platform also resolves a pain point in cryptocurrency lending, investing, and borrowing. This risk is the sharp and sudden price fluctuations caused by investors always on the lookout for what Daboczy referred to as “The Next Big Thing.”

Plus, the Gennix platform employs TrustScore, which diminishes collateralization ratios from the typical 200 percent to much less over time. We want to extend our felicitations to Technicorum.

We think the Gennix micro-lending and cryptocurrency platform will offer better binary options trading experiences to interested traders. After all, we gathered that Gennix desires to supplant the present financial system’s revenue pillars.

The platform works on this aim by charging significantly less interest than conventional banks with time-binding credit. We also learned that the Gennix platform cuts out intermediaries and facilitates investors in its ecosystem to utilize their capital for investments rather than charges.

Therefore, we believe that the Gennix platform will gain many customers. We think interested binary options traders will not have to break the bank when they engage with Technicorum’s binary options services via its new micro-lending and cryptocurrency platform.

Furthermore, with TrustScore in the background, we think Gennix’s binary options clients can avoid getting scammed. It is because the security feature tests and evaluates unscrupulous users and potentially fraudulent transactions.

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