Cryptocurrency Binary Options Scams on the Rise – Report’s specialists confirmed that incidences of cryptocurrency binary options scams are rampant amid the lingering coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

This group, with offices in Berlin, Germany and Sofia, Bulgaria, offered the investing public useful information regarding how to spot perpetrators of these frauds.

We want to help our followers, especially those who are binary options and cryptocurrency traders, stay safe in their investing journeys. We believe we can assist them tremendously by sharing this news with them.

Based on the report posted online by online news monitoring service EIN Newsdesk, is an investigative company and online forensics service provider for the injured parties in an online scam.

It is committed to providing the most accurate tracing service for online fraud victims. Additionally,, which deals with forex withdrawal problems and Bitcoin frauds, empowers and simplifies the process of cybercriminal tracking.

It aids in the victims’ funds recovery and makes an atmosphere for a negotiated settlement. Peter Thompson is’s cryptocurrency recovery expert.

He holds a track record of expertise in trading platforms. Thompson probed the increasing incidence of cryptocurrency binary options scams.

He affirmed that many victims had filed complaints, and this trend has significantly surged lately. The cryptocurrency recovery expert also mentioned that many COVID-19 patients had fallen prey to cryptocurrency binary options scams.

Thompson said these unwitting victims had become easy targets. They are typically searching for techniques to earn a stable income and financially secure their future amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A cryptocurrency binary options scam is an online fraud where fraudsters offer bogus opportunities to trade in investment scams via Internet-based trading platforms.

This scheme has become a grave dilemma, with scammers cashing in on their victims’ desperation and insecurity.’s security personnel informed the investing public about the red flags they should look for in a cryptocurrency binary options scam.

They said that scammers usually pose as registered brokers and approach their possible victims via Internet messaging applications and social media networking websites.

These fraudsters claim to sell what they say are profitable cryptocurrency binary options schemes. Nevertheless, their main intent is actually to steal their target’s hard-earned money.

Cryptocurrency binary options scammers do not usually reveal their real identity and location. They insist on keeping the whole conversation online.

These fraudsters do not have a license to prove they are registered and usually claim they are based overseas. They bring in promises of unrealistically high financial returns in a very short time.

Cryptocurrency binary options scammers post phony evidence of lucrative payouts on their social media accounts to defraud their victims. They typically claim that they have profited by investing in a sham scheme.

We feel alarmed by this report about the rising incidence of cryptocurrency binary options scams at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging worldwide.

We highly suggest our readers be careful when engaging in trading cryptocurrencies and binary options. After all, these endeavors are highly risky, with many shady personalities involved.

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