Investor: Novavax Stock a Recommended Buy, Could Hit US$1-M by 2030

The Motley Fool writer Sean Williams is a Novavax investor. This week, he recommended this biotechnology stock to investors seeking high returns on their investments for the long term.

We want to help our readers, who are US stock market investors, find the right stocks into which to pour their hard-earned investment funds.

We think this educational article about the Novavax stock will enlighten them about the best stocks for investors to buy now.

Based on the online discussion posted online by New York City-based Nasdaq Stock Market, which delivers the latest stock market news, a general overview of the market landscape, data analysis reports, and stock information and quotes, Williams recommended the Novavax stock to investors.

He referred to these US stock market risk-takers as those who possess US$200,000 ready and which they will not need to cover emergencies or for bills payment.

Williams described the Novavax stock as a cutting-edge growth stock with the innovative capability to transform a US$200,000-investment into US$1 million by 2030.

Novavax, Incorporated is the first-ever, highly innovative firm with all the tools needed to quintuple investors’ money by the decade’s turn.

Its biotechnology stock presently has most investors’ eyes on it due to its leading coronavirus or COVID-19 vaccine candidate: NVX-CoV2373. Novavax reported its two huge clinical trials’ results last year.

These tests yielded respective vaccine efficacies or VEs of 90.4 percent in the United States and Mexico and 89.7 percent in the United Kingdom.

Williams remarked that the biotechnology company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in the United States also reported the results of a research effort involving adolescents earlier this 2022.

The study led to a VE of 80 percent when the COVID-19 Delta variant was dominant. Only three COVID-19 vaccines have hit the 90-percent VE mark, and Novavax is the only one of the three that is protein-based.

This distinct attribute could make this vaccine a popular choice among vaccine holdouts or, at worst, make it the global number 3 for booster shots and initial inoculations, per Williams.

The United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA’s vaccine advisory board voted 21-0, with one abstention last week.

The votation outcomes favored authorizing NVX-CoV2373 for emergency-use authorization or EUA in the United States. The FDA has the last say on issuing EUA, yet NVX-CoV2373 appears to be on the path to a green light.

Williams noted that Novavax’s leading vaccine candidate emphasizes, more importantly, the efficacy of the biotechnology establishment’s drug-development platform.

Novavax could very well become a leader in infectious disease and combination vaccines. We think Mr. Sean Williams’s suggestion is worth considering.

After all, we learned that Novavax, Incorporated’s stock is promising because of the company’s increasing significance in the vaccine development field since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

We recommend our readers look into the Novavax stock, study it and Mr. Williams’s viewpoint, and consider investing, especially if they have idle funds amounting to US$200,000 at this time.

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