Investors Discouraged from Engaging with Options Legion

Financial experts have issued a warning to investors against binary options trading platform Options Legion. According to the report posted online by finance education platform Chainbits, this unregulated financial service provider is reportedly an offshore broker with questionable features. Thus, financial experts remark that investors’ funds are unsafe with Options Legion.

We want our readers to pay close attention to Options Legion. They may have engaged with this binary options trading platform lately and have found themselves in a puzzling situation. Options Legion claimed to have started its operations in 2018. It involves trading investment assets like indices, forex, commodities, and many others. Options Legion also offers a free demo account.

Financial experts observed that it is straightforward to become an investor with Options Legion. Interested parties can already open a trading account for as low as $50 to $100. Additionally, investors merely need to visit Options Legion’s sign-up page and enter their essential personal details. Administrators of Options Legion reportedly claim that they are a binary options service provider. 

Nevertheless, this trading activity had been prohibited in the European Union, per Chainbits report. Financial experts said that this feature of Options Legion supports the point that the group is into illicit activities. Besides binary options trading, Options Legion claims to offer a passive income scheme on their customers’ accounts. Investors will deposit amounts of money with the belief that their funds would increase up to a specific percentage. 

Moreover, Options Legion said that they give a monthly income percentage to their investors. Financial experts find this feature sketchy and similar to high-yield investment programs well-known in the digital investment scene as another technique to scam investors. 

Options Legion’s operations are also unclear. The investment company claims to be based in Luxembourg. However, financial experts confirmed that Options Legion is inexistent in the European Union, making their operations contentious. With Chainbits’s latest review, we want our readers to stay guided and warned about engaging with Options Legion. 

We tried to examine this trading platform’s portal, and we ourselves felt confused about their main offerings. It seems like Options Legion is a mash-up of various online investment schemes that scammers typically engage with, and we also had trouble accessing their “Terms and Conditions” page. 

This section is on the Options Legion website’s front page. However, the “Terms and Conditions” page was not even loading when we attempted to access it several times, making us conclude that this experience is a red flag. 

We do not want to say that Options Legion is an outright scam. If our readers have engaged with it, pouring their hard-earned investment funds on Options Legion, we want them to think about their experience with the platform. They can opt-out right away if they feel that they have engaged with a shady investment company and learn from their experience.

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