Nasdaq Approves Hive’s Listing

New York City-based stock exchange Nasdaq has approved Hive Blockchain Technologies’ listing. This development will make the financial technology company available to trade in the coming weeks.

Nearly every day, we hear about different cryptocurrency and blockchain technology-related establishments going public. We feel thrilled with these reports as they demonstrate the financial world’s continued evolution for the better, featuring blockchain technology and virtual assets.

Based on the news posted online by digital media platform TechStory, which delivers updates, videos, interviews, and success stories of technology startups, entrepreneurs, and firms worldwide, Hive Blockchain Technologies is the latest Canadian company to get Nasdaq’s listing green light.

People who are not interested in the cryptocurrency market but purchases Hive’s shares will soon be able to wager on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency indirectly. Last year, Hive got traded considerably, and analysts believe that its latest Nasdaq stock exchange listing means that increased trading volumes will ensue.

Based on Bloomberg data, Hive Blockchain Technologies Limited operates as a virtual currency mining company. It serves clients worldwide.

Moreover, Hive builds bridges between traditional capital markets and the cryptocurrency market. It offers cryptocurrency mining services and validates transactions on blockchain networks.

Hive’s announcement also described the company further. It said that the Canadian company owns green energy-powered and state-of-the-art data center facilities in the North American territory as well as in Iceland and Sweden.

Hive’s data center facilities also produce newly-minted cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin continuously on the cloud. The newly Nasdaq-listed business organization confirmed that since this year’s start, it had accumulated the majority of its Bitcoin and Ethereum production that it holds in secure storage.

Cryptocurrency investors favor Hive for its continued HODLing of their digital currencies and not selling their mined amount. The company has already been a public business organization since 2017 in Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker HIVE.V.

We are very pleased to learn about Hive’s listing in the Nasdaq Stock Market. We believe that this miner from Canada is a very important company because it concentrates on green energy usage.

We gathered that Hive focuses on Ethereum and Bitcoin mining. With its eco-friendly practice of mining cryptocurrencies utilizing Environmental, Social, and Governance or ESG strategy and green energy, Nasdaq made the right decision in allowing the Canadian cryptocurrency firm to get listed.

In addition, we believe that Hive’s joining of the American stock exchange will help make environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining practices widespread not only in North America but also worldwide.

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