Prof Explains 2 Busted Indonesian Binary Options Influencers’ Acts

Rhenald Kasali explained the behaviors of two Indonesian binary options influencers recently captured by the Indonesian National Police. The University of Indonesia professor of Management Science shed light on the “crazy rich” phenomenon that has bewitched the public.


We are interested in sharing this news with our followers, which is about an Indonesian professor explaining the actions of two Indonesian binary options influencers recently arrested by the local police.


We believe they will feel enlightened about binary options further and the scammers utilizing this financial product to bilk the unwitting public. Indra Kesuma, whose alias is Indra Kenz, is an investment affiliate under the guise of binary options trading platform, Binomo.


Doni Muhammad Taufik, who went by the pseudonym Doni Salmanan, is an affiliate of Quotex. According to the news posted online by Indonesian news source The Jakarta Post, these two Indonesian binary options influencers had their assets confiscated by the authorities lately.


Kesuma and Taufik have been associated with money-laundering cases. Furthermore, the Indonesian National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department charged them with fraud for setting up dishonest investments via binary options trading platforms like Binomo.


Kesuma was known as “Crazy Rich Medan,” while Taufik was known as “Crazy Rich Bandung.” Before their arrest, these two Indonesian binary options influencers flaunted their extravagant lifestyles on social media websites.


The public, such as the netizens and media in Indonesia, described them as “Crazy Rich Indonesians,” which pertained to the 2013 international best-selling novel “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan, which was adapted into a movie in 2018 that depicts a world of extravagance and affluence.


In his YouTube account, Kasali explained that the “crazy rich” Indonesian binary options influencers were merely showing off. He said they were “flexing” on social media, which is a marketing pattern done by flaunting trappings of wealth, even though Kesuma and Taufik are not really rich people.


Furthermore, the Economics and Business faculty member of the University of Indonesia cited the expression, “Poverty screams but wealth whispers.” Kasali meant that, in reality, wealthy people do not appreciate showing off their affluence but instead want privacy.


He pointed out that the “flexing” that the arrested Indonesian binary options influencers did was a mere marketing ploy to obtain trust from customers and to profit. We appreciate Professor Rhenald Kasali’s explanation regarding the behavior of the two Indonesian binary options influencers.


We understand that today’s social media-savvy youth may find these influencers’ lifestyles glitzy and enviable, as what they choose to show on their social media accounts. However, we hope our readers will learn from the case of the two arrested Indonesian binary options influencers that not all that glitters is gold.


Additionally, we want to highlight the fact that any massive wealth acquired overnight is certainly questionable and worth getting the authorities involved.

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