S4 Capital Head: US Listing Can Improve Stock Market Performance

Sir Martin Stuart Sorrell believes that a United States-based stock market listing would help S4 Capital obtain a better market valuation.


As the London-based advertising giant’s Executive Chairman of the Board, he felt concerned about The Times newspaper’s recent highlighting of his firm’s poor performance on the London Stock Exchange.


We gathered that S4 Capital is a leading marketing and advertising company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It serves customers worldwide by delivering their marketing services and digital advertising needs.


We find it interesting to read and share this US stock market-related news with our readers. We believe this update will help them discover how the world’s major companies deal with their stock market performance.


Based on the report posted online by international news outlet Reuters, Sorrell is considering a New York stock market listing for S4 Capital. He confirmed this development earlier today, Monday, February 21.


Sorrell explained that listing S4 Capital in a New York stock market would likely get his technology-led, new-age, and new-era digital advertising and marketing services company better market valuation.


The British businessman is aware of the S4 Capital stock declining almost 25 percent so far this year. Sorrell added that back in 2016 when his advertising company delivering programmatic solutions for marketers and agencies began its operations, a US stock exchange listing was considered.


Nevertheless, the entry costs he thought were very expensive precluded this endeavor. Six years later, Sorrell now thinks that a US stock market listing for S4 Capital has become the alternative, considering the oversupply. S4 Capital’s target is building sheer marketing services and digital advertising business.


It has a local, regional, multinational and global clientele and millennial-driven influencer brands. Furthermore, since 2016, this media firm has produced platforms, creative content, digital campaigns, films, and e-commerce for international and homegrown brands.


At the time of writing, S4 Capital has more than 6,900 staff members in 33 countries worldwide. This London-based advertising company would rank well within the FTSE 150.


S4 Capital achieved unicorn status in a little over one year following its opening. Based on a November 2021 report by the London Evening Standard, Sorrell’s company has “whopper” customers. They comprise Hewlett-Packard or HP, Facebook, Google, Mondelez, BMW Mini, Burberry, Amazon, and Netflix.


S4 Capital, which specializes in data, analytics, marketing, communications, media, and programmatic and digital content, has a market capitalization of US$3.67 billion, according to Refinitiv Eikon data as of last Friday, February 18.

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