Stock Market Analyst Recommends Buying Nvidia Shares

Vijay Rakesh is a stock market analyst at Mizuho Securities who recommended investors purchase Nvidia shares of stocks. In his recent report, Rakesh noted the many advantages of holding the shares of this leading manufacturer of high-end graphics processing units or GPUs in an investor’s investment portfolio.


We are interested in sharing this US stock market-related news with our readers. We understand that they may view the current US stock market mood as bleak because of various factors affecting it, such as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War, global inflation, and rising fuel prices.


However, we want to inform our followers that Nvidia is among the companies whose stock market shares are worth purchasing amid the tumultuous times we are in today. Based on the report posted online by business and markets news outlet CNBC, Rakesh ranks 33rd out of nearly 8,000 expert stock market analysts this year.


He has been accurate when picking stocks 71 percent of the time. Additionally, this Mizuho Securities stock market analyst has returned an average of 47.9 percent when doing so.


Rakesh cited that the Nvidia stock is worth having today because it had announced and released innovative products from its pipeline lately.


He remarked that the Santa Clara, California-headquartered global corporation has a new networking portfolio that backs its concentration towards providing a full end-to-end Data Center stack.


The latter consists of software, graphics processing unit or GPU, Grace GPU, Switch, and Bluefield data processing unit or DPU via Mellanox. Rakesh rated the Nvidia stock a buy, and he computed a share price target of US$345.


Moreover, Nvidia, whose market valuation as of Friday, March 25, 2022, is US$695.07 billion, per, has been making considerable gains in the advanced driver-assistance systems market, wherein its penetration is anticipated to surge from roughly 10 to 50 percent in the next eight years.


Rakesh pointed out that this total addressable market could be worth up to US$300 billion and represents a considerable expansion driver looking forward. We recommend our followers consider the insights recently provided by Mr. Vijay Rakesh.


For investors who want to know more about Nvidia, we want to inform them that this corporation is a major manufacturer of desktop computers, graphics processors, and mobile technologies and has been in operations since its founding in 1993.


Additionally, Nvidia is well-known for developing integrated circuits used in many technology equipment, including personal computers and electronic game consoles.


We agree with Mr. Rakesh. We think Nvidia Corporation’s stock is worth having in one’s investment portfolio during these times of uncertainty because we also believe it has long-term potential.

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