US Stock Market Futures Boost After a 5-week Struggle

United States – The futures in the US stock market increases after the dive for 5 weeks in the trading market.

The futures in the US stock market experienced increases on Monday, December 19, implying Wall Street will attempt to rally after dropping to the lowest place since November on downturn fears.

The futures of the S&P 500 at 0.37% increased 15 points (0.4%) to 3894, and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures increased 107 points (0.3%) to 33235. As for Nasdaq-100 futures, they increased 47 points (0.4%) to 11392.

Last week, December 16, Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased 282 points (0.85%) to 32920, as well as Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500. S&P 500 dropped 43 points (1.11%) to 3852 while Nasdaq Composite decreased 105 points (0.97%) to 10705.

S&P 500 decreased for two straight weeks, falling 5.4% during those times. It stayed down at 19.2% for its YTD or year-to-date performance.

Equity index futures inching up as the US stock market attempts to rally after the benchmark of Wall Street, the S&P 500, closed on Friday at its five-week low.

Investors became concerned about the lateness of the recession. It’s inevitable, provided that the hawkish stances of big monetary authorities have the determination, like ECB or European Central Bank and the Fed or the Federal Reserve. These authorities continue to fight high inflation.

Last week, the Bank of England and other authorities boosted interest rates to multi-year peaks, which was by 50 basis points. There was stress on borrowing costs, wherein they might go higher for a longer time, which is not what the US stock market hoped.

According to Stephen Innes, SPI Asset Management’s managing partner, ECB and the Fed appears to be determined to avoid a lump of coal of the stockings of everyone this holiday. She stated that it’s not a sweep to think that investors might change their focus from inflation to the growing impact that the actions of the Fed might happen in 2023, considering the expectations.

On the bright side, the US stock market futures increased after the week of losses. After the Fed delivered a 50-basis point, which was the interest hike, the price signaled a higher rate. However, recession fears are still there, mounted as the ECB increased its forecast for increases on futures over the expectations of traders. Traders can expect the hike to be at 5.1%.

Ed Moya, Oanda’s senior market strategist, stated that monetary policy immediately provided restrictions after the Fed increased 400 basis points. Recession risks will expand after the Fed signaled that traders should anticipate continuing increases.

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