US State Official Warns Public against Binary Options Scam

Aaron M. Frey warned the people in the US state of Maine about a new phone scam from a shady caller who claims to be from the Internal Revenue Service. The Attorney General of Maine issued the notice together with the State of Maine Office of Securities’ Judith Shaw, who serves as securities administrator.

We want to share this news from the US state of Maine. We believe that our readers can learn about the typical modus operandi of scammers who use binary options or anything related to it to extort money from their potential victims.

According to the report posted online by Mount Desert Islander, a digital news outlet based in the US state of Maine, Frey advised the public not to be fooled if they receive calls from the fraudsters. He added that no government bureau would telephone the people to demand that they settle alleged criminal violations by paying a sum of money or agreeing to get arrested.

The Office of the Attorney General encouraged consumers to contact it if they have concerns or questions about the binary options scam or other issues they have experienced with a business. Plus, Frey’s office urged the people to get in touch with its Consumer Protection Division via the e-mail, address, and phone number provided.

Meanwhile, Shaw urged the state of Maine’s residents to contact the Office of Securities if they have inquiries about an investment opportunity’s legality or authenticity. She cited that the people can also reach out to her office if they have queries about a certain individual making an offer they believe is questionable.

The securities administrator from Maine said that details about investing, salespersons, and advisers are available in the address, website, and telephone number provided. In the binary options scam in Maine, the caller informs his potential victim that he had previously invested in binary options.

Therefore, he tells the recipient that he now has an offshore bank account and is an accessory to an international drug-smuggling ring. The binary options scammer remarked that he would have to notify the Maine attorney general and the local district attorney.

Then, he played a contraption whose sound is similar to a police scanner. The scam artist claims to have communication with Maine’s law enforcement officials through two-way radio.

Additionally, he mentioned that they could resolve the matter by either having the possible victim paying a US$1,000 bond or having what he referred to as “agents” going to the person’s home to capture him.

We believe that the US state of Maine can prevent the binary options swindler from perpetrating the crime via this latest measure by the attorney general. Binary option is a kind of all-or-nothing investment contract.

With this feature, we advise our readers to be very careful and not entertain any callers making suspicious remarks relating to binary options. Plus, we recommend taking note of any incident like that binary options scam and reporting it immediately to the police.

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