Using Traditional Forex Brokers for Binary Options Trading

In 2008, Binary Options trading was made easily available to the public. This new trading instrument made a huge impact in the retail trading industry. It is still getting stronger and more and more traders are joining it. Most of you mage have been used to trading through service providers for Binary Options or brokerages who exclusively provide binaries. Recently there has been a developing trend where in Forex brokers begin offering Binary Options trading in other ways. This is just the start of something great but presently you will most likely see it going to a fresher direction. Forex and Binary Options are close to merging together. When this happens, you, as a trader can have more control.

using forex brokers for binary options


An approach to trading is establishing a relationship with a provider of Binary Options platform. Offering binaries the old way is also another way to do it. You can start with using another platform that is entirely used for Binary Options. You can have a number of Platform options to choose from. Before Alpari was the most popular forex broker which opted to be in Binary Options. However, it seems that a single platform is not sufficient for Alpari that is why they opted to make 2 more platforms which shall be provided to clients with regards to their region. CIS or Commonwealth of Independence States and Russia can use MarketPulse as their platform. SpotOption can be used by traders in the United Kingdom. Forex brokers who have also gone binary include TopOption, HotForex, and

If you already know about the two major platforms mentioned above you will find it easy to understand its typical features. There are no massive changes but there is an extra feature. Alpari’s platform can let you trade with a thirty second expiry. This is by far the fastest available expiration. Thrill seekers will surely love to try this out. If you are bored with the 60 second expiry then you can check this out.


Another notable innovation that has been influencing Binary Options is the probability to directly trade tom MT4 which is a popular Forex platform. For quite some time, binary options traders have been using it for doing technical analysis. This allows for actual trade to be placed on their platform for binary options. However, this method of trading can be quite tedious especially when you trade really short expirations because prices displayed on MT4 platform is not the same as the one offered by binary options brokers. This is normal because varied brokers have varied price feeds and above all Binary Options make use of their calculation techniques. Through time, some brokers may follow this path and this trend just started after all.

Among the pioneering Forex brokers who directly offer Binary Options from MT4 is Direct FX. It s a reputable and regulated broker from Australia. Many of you may have complained of the issue that binary options traders cannot use necessary tools for conducting correct technical analysis. The good news is, the monopoly is over and you can fully use Meta Trader 4 without opening a demo account from another broker. You no longer have to switch platforms in order to actually trade. The platform’s biggest disadvantage is that as a trader, you can only have Forex assets traded. You cannot trade indices, stocks, or commodities.


Now that you know these innovations that may change your ideas on binaries it is up to you to choose. The reality that famous brokers such as Alpari reached out to Binary traders cannot actually be considered as an innovation. However, it shows that binaries are kick starting its fame.

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