Blink Charging, Applovin among Top Tech Stocks amid Crypto Bubble

The Nasdaq Stock Market released its list of the five tech stocks to watch this week. The New York City-based stock exchange included Blink Charging Incorporated and Applovin Corporation as among the top technology stocks that investors would find worthy of focusing on as this trading week begins.

We are quite eager to share this news with our investor readers. We believe that the tech stocks described by the Nasdaq as highly recommended are indeed worth focusing on in light of the latest cryptocurrency meltdown.

After all, we believe that they offer investors many options nowadays. According to the Nasdaq report, Blink Charging and its tech stock are worth watching.

This technology firm owns and offers electronic vehicle or EV services and charging equipment. Moreover, Blink Charging has impressively deployed more than 23,000 charging stations globally. Many of these facilities are networked EV charging stations.

Blink Charging has also inked important strategic collaborations lately as international EV purchases are predicted to surge over the next few years. These recent partnership deals aim to roll out EV adoption worldwide.

In the past year, the BLNK stock has been up by more than 1,700 percent. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq news also mentioned Applovin Corporation as among the tech stocks worth adding to investors’ watch list.

The mobile technology service provider is based in Palo Alto, California. Applovin Corporation has been instrumental in defining plenty of the famous mobile applications and game studios in the past few years.

Furthermore, this company’s technology leverages predictive and machine learning algorithms to aid developers of all dimensions in monetizing and selling their applications. Applovin Corporation primarily performs this measure via mobile marketing and analytics.

Last May 12, the company declared its first-quarter financials for this year. Applovin Corporation’s adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization or EBITDA amounted to US$131 million. This figure marks an increment of 110 percent year-over-year.

Additionally, the company’s revenue for the quarter was up by 132 percent year-over-year, totaling US$604 million. For its fiscal 2021 outlook, Applovin Corporation gave a topline revenue worth  US$2.70 billion, which would represent an approximately 83-percent growth.

We find the Blink Charging Incorporated and Applovin Corporation’s tech stocks worth monitoring during the beginning of this trading week. The past week may have caused some anxiety and fear due to the lurking cryptocurrency bubble.

Plus, investors may be looking to purchase on the dip. We highly suggest our readers consider these two top tech stocks per Nasdaq. We believe that they show an extraordinary opportunity for US stock market investors.

After all, the technology industry is still a main growth sector in the US stock market today. Additionally, the contemporary world still carries on depending on technology in nearly every facet of life.

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