New Binary Options Platform Features Trader Protection

A new binary options platform by the LWX Group comes with the company’s exclusive retail protection program. LWX Group founder Stephen Wu explained their new offering recently.

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Wu described LWX Group’s new binary options platform. He disclosed that traders could opt into their exclusive retail protection program.

This scheme involves the LWX Group safeguarding their customers’ losses if the latter follow and execute binary options trades based on the company’s suggested strategies.

Furthermore, Wu remarked that the LWX Group’s new binary options platform lets users place trades with merely a few taps on their smartphones’ screens. He mentioned that enticing retail traders is an important part of their company’s growth strategy.

The Marshall Islands-based firm’s founder pointed out that their team has worked day and night tirelessly together with Axion Trade, which is their technology advisory partner, to come up with the new binary options platform’s framework.

The LWX Group’s new binary options platform equipped with retail protection will be launched during this year’s last quarter.

This new mobile trading option is the company’s push to grab more market share among global retail traders, per the information posted on press release distribution and global newswire service provider Accesswire.

Additionally, the LWX Group’s management cited that its new binary options platform would permit traders to exchange their views on daily price movements in the futures markets like the S&P 500 stock index, crude oil, or gold.

The company’s latest move of launching the mobile trading platform follows on its Percentage Allocation Management Module or PAMM system’s success.

The LWX Group’s new binary options platform will support continued growth for the firm’s initiative to grow its reach in important markets such as the Asia-Pacific region.

It will contribute to the company’s expansion of its product offerings and concentrate on delivering immense value to existing and new clients.

The LWX Group is a company holding an Australian Financial Services License. It advocates retail trading.

Moreover, the LWX Group’s website indicates that the company recommends binary options trading in this expansive international market with high liquidity and where market participants can trade 24/7 at low transaction costs.

We think the LWX Group’s new binary options platform is worth trying since it comes with retail protection for traders.

We believe this new offering is an intelligent breakthrough since its developers focused on helping binary options traders be protected against unwanted financial losses.

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