The Possibility of Binary Options Trading as a form of Living

The internet has become an outlet for millions of people worldwide to earn their living. It is one of the most convenient office spaces in the universe and when you work here you do not have to wear uniforms or even wake up early. If you are a trader you can have the best job in the world because you are making your living online. However, can all traders be successful with online trading? Of course the answer is no because different traders have different personalities and the success rate is not that high. When you are a binary options trader you must know that the virtual market is filled with fake promises. Thus, you have to have a conservative move when starting your career online. Below are some of the myths that you can probably witness in the world of virtual trading.

trading for living


When you trade for a living it means that you can make most of your income from the financial market. However, a lot of people do not basically understand that almost 98 percent of traders practically lose money at first. There may be some lucky trades in the earlier part bit eventually the house is usually the winner and as an individual trader, you always lose. Due to this fact, good traders need a traditional approach which includes practice, study, and of course dedication. If trading online was so simple then anyone, even teens could be doing it. Thus, if you visualize yourself as a successful trader then you might need to be more patient when approaching your target. You must not let greed get the most of you.


There are many strategies online and each of them claims to be the best. Well a majority of these are actually myths. Many authors would proclaim that their systems work ninety percent of the time and in whatever market condition. Sounds good to be true! The sad part is that these promises are unrealistic and may traders have lost believing these fake stories.

Another myth is that you have to win in most of your trades so that you can profit from it. This of course is not true! An example would be losing ten dollars in ten trades and then you a hundred dollars in your eleventh trade. Getting your head just above water level is what you are trying to do as a trader. This is why you have to structure your trade in a way that you have more gains than losses. This may not be as you have expected from trading but if you can do this then you may be well ahead from the ninety eight percent majorities.


Should you replace your day job with a job as an online trader? Well, this is a case to case basis. Make sure you are earning more money online than your day job. If this happens, then you and probably consider quitting your more stressful day job. Nonetheless, in most cases this is not realistic and it makes a lot of sense that day jobs should be primary jobs. You can make trading your secondary income source. The good news is that there are many strategies out there that can help you do your day job and trading job together. This means that you are encouraged to focus on long term opportunities.


A lot of people might not agree about the amount that you need for successful trading. Nonetheless, the real fact is that you do not need any amount of cash to do so. This means of course that you can initially use a demo account thus doing away with the possibility of wasting money or earning money. However, there are a number of brokers who might permit you to open accounts in their sites without any starting or minimum balance. You can even have a dollar as your trade size. The only thing that you need to put in mind is that you trade your account with regards to percentages and not on how much dollars you have. You can implement similar strategies if you already have a hundred dollar or a million dollar trading account.

Last but not the least note, you must never do trading for your children or as a form of investment for your kids or life’s essentials. Trading is always a gamble it is almost always not guaranteed. Risks capital has to be the foundation of trading. If you can afford to lose money then trading online can be great for you.

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