The Rapheal Simple Strategy For Experts

If you want to try out a simple but more fruitful strategy, you can use the Raphael Simple Strategy. To start off with, it is ideal to warn you that you should not expect too much from the site primarily because it does not come with diagrams, tables, and charts. Yes, for technical traders like us, we greatly depend on charts. A single chart with many bar or arrows can go a long way for us. It might sound bad to start a review with some pessimistic notes but it pays to wait for the good stuff. Anyway, here are many good and some bad features about the Raphael Simple Strategy.

simple for experts binary options strategy


It is a very well controlled method for trading short term. It has a great potential for specific gains. It is structured according to a three time frame market view and it also tries to profit on reversals of short term markets. As a trader you are advised to use charts with one hour closing bars in order to identify trends. From here, you can narrow your focus. After this follows a chart of fifteen minute bars which is called “confirmation.” The first trend shows the trend while the second chart projects resistance and support and price reversal potential areas. Last charts are five minute bars where entrance and exits are known.

Stochastic and RSI. Strategy and RSI relied on these two for determination of trend and for reversal confirmation. When you opt for short term trading, these indicators can be trade. This can also create numerous and varied signals. The Raphael Strategy would be useless if the two indicators show strength. It would also be useless if they agree with each other. It is a must that the RSI must confirm trend by moving higher or lower with market and it must be with continuous troughs, peaks, and must be below or above signal line. The moment indicators diverge from a its hourly movement, that is when stronger signals start coming.

Thus, when Stochastic and RSI diverge from its trend as seen on hourly charts, you can grind them down to fifteen minute charts. However, you need to do this when you draw your resistance and support lines. It is even wiser to look at daily charts and draw lines. When you have drawn your resistance and support line, you can then go to the fifteen minute charts. You can evaluate this over again and then draw lines that may seem significant. Moreover, you have to look for signs of market reversal and signs of weakness as price comes near resistance and support. This means that when the price halts at the line expected and candles verify their reversals, you can then thin down the focus to five minute chart and then find an entry.

With the five minute charts, you can then locate the next available buy signal for Stochastic. You can then go with its flow when it again become oversold. When you identify the trend on hourly charts and you have confirmed market reversal on the fifteen minute chart, you can then make use of stochastic to identify entry points on the five minute charts. Peak and dips will mean an entry but this depends on the market direction.


The main reason why the Raphael Simple Strategy is not so good it that it is very badly written. It is close to nonsense and does not do any upkeeps to deal with trader’s demands


Raphael’s strategy does not suck that much after all. The strategy does show that the maker has real deal knowledge on trading. This strategy is quite sound and useful. You can simply try it if you want a more interesting way to trade. Generally, this is something that truly works. You just need to be equipped with real trading knowledge in order to decode the texts. When you understand trading deeper then you can disregard what Raphael is saying. You can even creat your very own strategy.

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