Trusting your Instincts in Trading: Should you do so?

Have you tried being in a situation wherein you had a strong feeling that a certain currency pair will be behaving in a specific manner but you were not so confident about playing it? When the prices did not move as you have assumed, were disappointed that you did not even trust your instincts?

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If you are an experienced binary options trader, you may have gone through this dilemma at some point of your career. You may have also wondered is trading is based on hunches and if it would lead to profits or losses. After all, many traders will tell you that purely relying on your feelings or guessing your trades is not that positive.

However, the contrary thought would be beneficial at some points. Trusting your gut can sometimes be good in trading. Trusting your instincts means trusting yourself. But this does not go to say that you will disregard all technical analysis and basic processes and instead simply trust your feelings on the markets movement.

As mentioned in most trading articles, trading intuition is a trading element that has been created through time and through experience. If you have used up a lot of your screen time and done correct practice, then you will be able to understand the market and how it behaves at specific moments thereby allowing you to have a clearer view on price movements.

Normally, traders become a bit uncomfortable when it comes to entering a certain trade using their instincts. If you are one of these traders, then it is ideal that you keep track of your hunches and if is spot on or not. By doing so, you can develop trust and you can also have me confidence in making future profits. You can also think about having a smaller position based in the feel of the prices. Just put in mind that you need to apply the right risk management system and always have an exit strategy just in case it does not go to the direction that you predicted.

So, realizing that trusting your instincts in trading is a bad idea and you should be more like a trading robot it means you have to take a closer look at mental approach in trading and psychology, so i would suggest you to take a closer look at this piece that was written specifically for this, binary options trading psychology.


Learn to control yourself is important part of trading process which you will learn only through practice and expirience that you will get on daily basis of trading. Learn basics and then try to apply them yourself in real world first through demo account and then on live trading account until you are profitable. Even Rome was not built in one day.

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